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For you to have interest on how to apply American visa lottery sponsorship program it means that you are ready to pose yourself to all the benefits leveraged by immigrants that finally made their way into US citizenship. Without much ado, review all the details and how to apply for free.

American visa lottery sponsorship program is a project facilitated and provided by US government with the intent of diversify US immigrants. The only citizens that will boldly apply American visa lottery scholarship program are citizens of countries with low immigrant rate in the last five years. This application is done electronically alongside its processes.

Interestingly, there is no application fee, but enlisted applicants will claim the offer with cash that will disclosed thereafter. However, we want to make you understand there are eligibility criteria that you must meet up with in order to travel to US with American green card ( Diversity visa )

Meanwhile, he lottery program has freely offered citizenship to many international citizens that aspire to belong. Checking the advantages in the course of being a USA citizen are immense. When you win this offer as a citizen, you will enjoy strong funding grants and awards plus the low tuition fees. Even as a worker, you have mane benefits in stock.

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Benefits of American Visa Lottery Program

Meet wide range of benefits emanating from having US green card. First and foremost, having the green has made you permanent or 100% US citizen and we understand that US citizens are prone to arrays of soft life and privileges unlike other countries with low economy. To diversify the population, this program was created and wowing privileges are;

  • Ability to travel in and out of US when desired, without processing American visa.
  • Have right to any kind of work and also the right to be an employer.
  • Above all, students that got the green card will enjoy up to 70% discount from their tuition fees.
  • To travel for study, student visa is no longer needed, tourist visa is not needed for tourism, work visa, residence visa, and other visa types are not valid whenever you intend to travel.
  • Workers with green card don’t undergo strict requirements unlike international citizens or immigrants.
  • You are still entitled to utility bills payment as other Americans.

Favorably, in the light of enjoying these benefits there are requirements that will target you to the consideration list.

Requirements for American Visa Lottery Applicants

In order to get American citizenship, there are prerequisites that you must meet up with the underlisted:

  1. English proficiency is not underrated. So, you must have English speaking skills.
  2. Also, under 18 years old is ineligible.
  3. You are also eligible to apply if you have resided in US for at least five years and also lived for at least 30 months within the last five years.
  4. On the contrary, applicants that are married to US citizens should proceed with the application if they have lived three years in US and spent some time with the spouse or wide for at least 30 months for the last five years.
  5. You will have no criminal record and also demonstrate good and reputable character within the period prior to the application.
  6. Apply American visa lottery if you are from a country with low immigration rate for the last five years.

Moreover, the application is not restricted to a country, but nationwide. You should check with official DV lottery state gov. portal to discover new list of eligible countries. You can still communicate it with us below if you couldn’t find answers to your questions.

Deadline of Green Visa Lottery Application

The deadline is no other date other than 7th November, 2021. You are not advised to apply on or after the due date if you wish for positive result. Also, after application, the selection session will start. Enlisted entrants will take civics test and English test to check their capability and proficiency in English as well.

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Apply American Visa Lottery Sponsorship Program

You are meant to apply 2021/2022 Diversity visa lottery electronically. You will be checking the website for updates because you will be neither notified via email nor SMS. List of enlisted applicants is published online, at the website precisely. Further the process by claiming your offer with the fee declared to all enlisted immigrants directly to US Embassy.

Furthermore, a unique confirmation code disclosed on confirmation page of every applicant should be saved or rather printed and saved by applicants because it will be used in checking status of application. The code is unique, so it cannot be recovered or replaced. Do well to apply before the due date.

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