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Before you apply Canada tourist visa, you must be good at keeping promises unless it comes to a situation that you know so well that can’t be handled or is inevitable. This is because a time will come when you have to prove to an immigration officer of some situations before your visa will be eligible for your trip.

Canada is one of the most travels countries. Many application come to the immigration desk all the time and believe me, it is not easy to approve of an application but there are certain steps that an applicant will take, that person will win consideration. To apply for Canada visa from UK, apply tourist visa to Canada from Germany, or Canada visa apply from my country, you must have come to full conviction of going back to your country at the end of the visit.

Now, how long will you stay in Canada with visitor visa? It doesn’t take officially more than 12 months but some people are usually lucky with this. We will still get to that but as for now, If you want to apply Canada visitor visa, you are free to do so after you must have provided the documents and met with the requirements set out for abroad applicants. Nevertheless, not every applicant needs visa to Canada, you may be from a national that is in agreement with Canada and therefore, doesn’t need visa.

Traveling to Canada won’t be restricted when you have enough fund to see you through your stay in Canada. Proof of accommodation in the country will be required and another interesting part is that you must prove to the immigration officers that you will be back to your home country by the time your duration elapses. To prove that, you must have a property in the country or show your proof of ties with your family. Parents will show proof of schools that their children are attending.

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What is Canada Tourist Visa?

It is one of the visa types issued by Canada immigration office. There are several types of Canada Visitor visa and each of them is tagged according to the purpose of your travel. This visa is an official document issues by Canadian immigration office in your home country to prove that are qualified to enter their country legally, after background check is done on you plus the vetting processes that you must have undergone.

Just as we said earlier, your visa is dependent on the purpose of your travel. Just like this:

  • Student visa for academics.
  • Work visa for business trips.
  • Tourist Visa for tourism.
  • Visitor visa for visits/temporary residents.
  • And the rest.

Alongside these visas comes their has c requirements and additional requirements which are determined by your choice of visa.

Duration of Abroad Visitors in Canada

Apart from when there are substantial circumstances, Canada visitor visa holder is expected to stay for 6 months. Before you enter Canada, the immigration officer at the Port will check you, interview, and watch you convince him or her about some certain situations such as:

  1. Convincing that you will be back to your country after your given days are used up.
  2. Convince that you have a value ( someone such as family, or something, more like a business) left in your home country that will bring you back at the end of your stay.
  3. Prove that you have enough fund to stay in Canada.

When you are able to do so, they will decide a date for you and then put the date to leave in your passport or in a document called the visitor record. Some will luckily receive date of arrival after six months, some will be at the six months, while others will be before the six months.

As we are already on it, do you know the prerequisites to cover as an applicant? We can now do the needful by unveiling all the hacks here.

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Prerequisites to Cover as an Applicant

Look at the documentations to make so as to validate your application:

  1. Get an international passport and ensure that your passport has up to three blank pages. The validity should stay up to three months upon travel.
  2. If you have traveled before, get the old passports with pages that got stamped, other travel documents, and your current photo passport.
  3. Check your health and ensure that you are healthy enough to take this trip unless you are going for medical conditions.
  4. Hope you will come back at the end of six months? Consider that too.
  5. More so, be financially stable or get a sponsor.

Finally! Find out how to apply Canada tourist visa or Canada visitor visa online with mobile phone.

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Canada Visa Fee

Your fee for Canada visitor visa depends on your location, time of travel, and visa type. Contact the Canada embassy in your country to know their fixed price. Pay up as they indicated because you will provide receipt as part of the documents needed.

How to Apply Canada Tourist Visa

  • Proof of accommodation
  • Flight ticket and itinerary
  • Bank Statement
  • ID card to prove your nationality.
  • A permit according to your purpose for the travel.
  • And other documents mentioned above.

Get them ready to upload alongside a completely filled visa Canada for tourist application form. Apply online or meet the service at the consulate in your country. Go through the processes and wait for 12 days or more for your visa to be processed.

You are free to ask any of the Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ), we’d love to attend to you.

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