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Get ready to apply DAAD scholarship to study in Germany provided that you are interested in a Masters level program. Interestingly, it is a fully funded program beneficial for all foreign students. Review the step by step procedures on how to apply the scholarship. Terms and conditions apply.

Apply DAAD Scholarship for Masters study in Germany; this is a privilege given to international students that are so sure of starting up a Masters study in the registered field of study of this scholarship scheme. The most acknowledging fact of this German scholarship is that you will not be funded as a beneficiary but your family will also benefit from it. See how it happens.

You are very lucky to be on this page because this is a widened privilege that every ambitious and high visioned student, including foreign students, have information about. The organization will fund for you financially, materially and academically. When it comes to financial aid, they will fund you to the last and ensure that you are equipped with essential materials that will be needed for you to solely concentrate on your studies.

At a certain level, beneficiaries will express themselves and then, the management will look deep into their background to affirm if the family needs help as well. Fortunately, if your family is financially broken just like you stated, throughout your stay as a beneficiary of DAAD foundation will be an additional benefit for them. So, before considering this profitable DAAD scholarship for Masters, ensure that the recognized courses is your specialized field of study.

Without much ado, we will reveal the accepted courses of the scholarship, to make your confirmation easier. However, DAAD Is the largely accepted German organization by both Germans and other country’s academic sector. This German academic exchange service is the world’s biggest funding organization that concentrated more on supporting financially unstable ambitious students worldwide. Interestingly, the funding organization inspires students and give them reason to further their education no matter the circumstances. Now, DAAD Scholarship for Masters is ongoing and it happens every year.

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Collaborating Universities

These universities collided with DAAD Organization in bringing comfort to the selected students. Take a look at the list below to confirm the University which you will find yourself in, when you are selected as a beneficiary

  1. Bauhaus University
  2. University Hannover
  3. University of Stuttgart
  4. Technische Universitat Dresden
  5. University of Flensburg

DAAD Scholarship Requirements from Applicants

  • Foreign applicants are allowed to process their application but their choice of course must be one of the above mentioned.
  • An application is termed “confirmed” when its applied online and at the application portal for DAAD Scholarships.
  • Also; you have the whole right to choose from universities aligned to the scholarship but you must be a full-time participant ready to stay in Germany throughout the study duration.
  • Most importantly, to award for the Master’s program, you must be a student that has initially covered an Undergraduate program and came out with a certified Degree of less than 6 years.
  • In addition to that, students living in Germany for over a year is ineligible so there wouldn’t be need to apply for the scholarship.
  • Recall that your application must be addressed to your special field of study before an application becomes considerate.

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List of Courses DAAD Scholarship to Study in Germany

Certain restrictions were added to courses studied at the program and it will do you a lot of good to confirm if your subject is among the recognized courses. To make it much easier, explore the courses below:

  1. Textile courses
  2. Renewable Energy
  3. Geoinformatics
  4. Structural Engineering
  5. Solid Waste
  6. Hydrology
  7. Readymade Cloth Technology
  8. Infrastructure Planning
  9. Air Quality Control
  10. Natural Hazards
  11. Environmental Science
  12. Photogrammetry
  13. WasteWater Processing Technology
  14. Water Resource Engineering.

Apply DAAD Scholarship to Study in Germany

DAAD scholarship for masters takes step-by-step procedure. The procedure states that each applicant intending for an application must first of all, apply to the choice of university. Remember that the university must be among the listed participating universities.

After you have been awarded an enrollment into the choice field of study which must be among the eligible courses, you can now head onto DAAD portal to apply for their supportive grant. As you have interest to apply for your own scholarship, visit DAAD Portal at

During your application, you can always signify for any technical issues by informing DAAD website through our Email address via [email protected].

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