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Apply Florida university scholarship whether you are a guy or a lady. It is an added advantage to foreign aspirants intending to proceed an undergraduate program in a recognized university. How can you apply? See the application procedures below.

FIU Ambassador is a merit-based scholarship specially for foreign students that intends to study in USA for free. Now, you will not just study in USA but have half of your school funds, catered by Florida international university itself. Are you a girl or a boy? You can apply. No racism is applicable.

Just apply Florida university scholarship no matter your color or country because it is specially for international students intending to attain undergraduate certificate.
So, you will be certified with a Bachelor’s certificate in your preferred field of study provided that it’s available at Florida university.

As a matter of fact, you will make many friends because beneficiaries will emerge from different countries just like you. Learn your skill while you learn languages, cultures, and norms. 2023 Florida International scholarship for undergraduates application is a no-fee application but there are instructions to adhere to.

Students applying from the non-English speaking countries or students from non-English speaking countries are all mandated to take an English proficiency test since they don’t recognize English as their official language.

More to that, US residents and US citizens can apply. However, the application is not eligible for new students that didn’t take preferred undergraduate coursework admission in FIU. Your student ID will unlock the scholarship portal for you.

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Requirements from International Aspirants

Here are the few requirements from claimants of 2023 Florida International scholarship for undergraduates. If you are interested in the application, here are the demands.

  1. Whether you are an international student or student applying from USA, your level of study must concentrate on the undergraduate level. If you are applying anything less or more, your application will win inconsideration.
  2. More to that, students from non-English speaking countries are highly demanded to present their English proficiency test of any evaluation.
  3. However, there is a fixed minimum record in this English proficiency test but it varies according to programs.
  4. Also, your high school transcripts will not be taken for granted. You will scan and attach it to your application form as application documents.
  5. Moreover, a photocopy of your passport will be needed if you don’t mind.
  6. After the deadline, no application will be received. However, the earlier the scholarship application, the higher the tendency of being selected.

Supplementary Documents

  • High School Transcripts
  • National ID
  • English proficiency test
  • Photocopy of passport.
  • Place of Study.

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Other Details About the Scholarship

You will study at Florida International University in USA. This place of study is for all the beneficiaries. Whether you are an international applicant or US applicant, the same institution will undertake students and make their days extremely memorable.

Eligible Academic Cycle:

  • Undergraduates. However, all undergraduate courses available in Florida International University, USA.

Apply Florida University Scholarship

Here is the application form for this very scholarship that you got attracted to. It will be best for us to enlighten you on the demands of the scholarship application. It’s true that you have gone through this page and hence, became informed on the eligibility criteria.

In addition to that, the most important and core application requirement among all the mentioned is that you apply for admission to the university first before proceeding with the application. Therefore, you cannot unlock the application portal without your student ID.

After taking admission, you will simply login to the application portal that is located at – It must be an application in the undergraduate coursework that you dream of studying. For more questions or contributions about this scholarship, use the comment box below.

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