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You need to apply Nigerian international passport for kids if you are taking your children to another country. Probably to pay a visit to your family in another country or go on a vacation, a child’s passport will be made available with the consent of the parent. This is how to apply.

For you to have access to other countries, you need an international passport. Nigeria is one of the countries that offers passports to both minor(kids) and major (adults). Minor is from 17 years down while Major is from 18 years up. So, since you are looking for how to apply Nigerian International passport for kids, we have no other option than to detail you on the passport payments, the application procedures, requirements, and more.

As a rule, there are two types of passports offered to kids and they are both 5 years validity unlike adults that are up to 10 years. You have the 5 years validity passport for kids but the pages determined it’s superiority. There is one with 32 pages while the other is with 64 pages. They are of different prices but both can be applied online when the intending child is able to oblige to all the rules guiding the process.

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Who Can Apply?

The intending child and his/her parents/guardians will be needed present during the application, biometric data capturing, and receiving of application. For the kid to apply, the parents or one of the parents or guardians must be Nigerians because evidence of their citizenship will be needed. So, they should get their national ID ready.

Above all, consent of the child’s parents or guardians will be inclusive to ensure that they are aware of the ongoing application. Payment will be made online, Nigerian International passport application form filled online and submitted alongside the scanned requested supplementary documents. During application, the child will select passport office for processing of form.

Nigerian International Passport for Kids Application Requirements

When the child or minor finally provide all these requirements or documents, it will take the office 12 weeks to produce new International passport. If it is your first time, or passport is stolen, misplaced, expired, or spoiled, these prerequisites must be covered

  • Evidence of the child’s parents/guardians Nigerian citizenship or ID.
  • One nee passport sized photograph
  • Birth certificate to prove date of birth and age.
  • Letter of consent from the parents. If only one parent is available, valid court order will be needed.
  • Letter of approval from the State
  • Ministry of Women and Child Development will be needed where the child is adopted.

How to Compose the Consent

It is stated as a rule that parents must present letter of consent but some parents/guardians don’t know how to write or detail the consent. The body of the consent must entail these details below:

  1. Full name of the person issuing the consent.
  2. Date of birth of the person
  3. Contact details, and
  4. Signature.

Above all, the consent must be written in English language which will appear understandable to the embassy official.

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How to Apply Nigerian International Passport for Kids

Apply Nigerian International Passport for Kids image

Nigerian International passport for Nigerian Kids are applied as shown below. Ensure that your parents are ready to come along during the taking of biometric data capturing, photographing, and receiving of the produced passport from Nigerian embassy, consulate or office

  • Log onto through a web browser.
  • Choose the passport type and fill the form when it appears on your screen.
  • Upload the required documents and ensure that it is scanned before submission.
  • Pay for the application and save proof of payment. Choose any payment option and complete the payment.
  • Save the application ID and reference number given to you from the page.
  • Certify the guarantors form and move to the passport office you selected online to complete your application.
  • You must go with your parents/guardians.

However, applicants not living near any of the indicated office addresses or in Nigeria should move directly to Nigerian Embassy to submit the form and scanned documents.

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