Apply Opay ATM Card without Mobile Phone

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To apply Opay ATM card without mobile phone is also a flexible way to get the cash reward debit visa card provided that you passed all the prerequisites. Read more to find out all the hidden profits of Opay visa debit card.

You know Opay as the top demanded online wallet in the whole of Nigeria. It is providing money security that is unmatched with any other web wallet you may have come across. It started from the mobile app which guarantees safe money journey and top of that, immense rewards for the owners. From the mobile app down to the POS that has given all the average Nigerians opportunity to make it large.

Now is the debit card that is positioned to allow earning of rewards each time a transaction is made. For a thousand spent, cashback comes with it. That said, cardholders are blessed with rebates per a thousand naira. You may not know it, but Opay card is used just like other debit cards.

However, we have the MasterCard and the Visa card that you can work with. All the cards provide unmatched rewards to customers unlike other banks debit cards. Are you a customer that desire for this card as well? Apply Opay ATM card now. Even when your phone isn’t around, you can still apply Opay ATM card without mobile phone.

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How to Pay for Opay ATM Card Application Charges

Unlike other banks that require no less than N1,000 to issue cards, Opay deducts only N700 from applicants wallets. To apply for Opay ATM card you must have up to that amount in your wallet. Moreover, there is no special routine to follow for the card isssuance payment.

Yes, you won’t go to a bank or get Opay account number to transfer this money before your card will be received. It is an automatic protocol observed after a request is made by any of the interested customers. On top of that, the card is in high demands due to its special style of saving more money for customers.

In that case, fund your Opay wallet and follow the guideline below for owing a card. You will fall among 1.5 million Opay mobile users that are not just enjoying the benefits of having a wallet here, but also saving bonuses from their transactions per day. You can apply now.

Opay Mobile App Download

Nevertheless, it might still interest you to download the mobile app if you have been making payments from the Opay website. Both of them are accessible provided that you have all it takes. That said, you must have a wallet in Opay to be qualified for its debit card. To get started;

  • Google play store and Apple Store must be logged in now.
  • Use the search engine to find Opay mobile app.
  • Download this application into your desired mobile phone now by hitting the Install button.

After that, open and sign up for an account on Opay if you have none. On the contrary, those of us with their laptops can still open Opay dashboard with their PCs.

Download Opay App for Windows | MacOS

This seamless mobile money is a step closer to you alongside it’s other additional benefits that consists, Owealth, Okash, annual cashback, and the rest when you have the mobile app. You can still lead the way using your laptop.

  • This time, login at
  • Create an account if you don’t have an account yet.
  • Or login the account using your phone number or email address depending on the one used for the account registration.

We are making all these known to you now because of the fact that only registered Opay customers can apply Opay ATM card or scene try to apply OPay card without a mobile phone. Notwithstanding, there is no annual or monthly maintenance fee for the card, rather there are rewards.

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Apply Opay ATM Card without Mobile Phone

Use the reward card like other ATM cards. Moveoney, receive money, check balance after money is transferred or received. What if I tell you that there are rewards that come with banking with Opay!. No wonder everybody has been making transfers and receiving with their Opay wallet.

  • Login that Opay account today and apply for our one-time card.
  • Find and tap on your profile icon, “Me”.
  • Check the “Request for Opay card” and click.
  • Enter a referral code.
  • Tell them your referral location in this column.
  • Next is to allow your payment of N700 for the Opay ATM card application.
  • Confirm the payment and application and here you are!.

Upon that, Opay will reward you for finally having them in mind and entrusting your money into their care. Since you are ready to engage in seamless and charge-free payments, Opay is the best decision.

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