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Where do you live? Do you like America? Apply undergraduate scholarships in USA for international students so that you can enjoy free education in a developed and advanced country like USA. Students are advised to explore all the scholarships and check their requirements before they apply.

USA is a developed country with lots of experiences in technology, business, humanity, politics, world development, and even education as well. They have high paying jobs that make it easier for students to work while studying. That said, businesses succeed with high interests while students can now work to study. No wonder everybody wants to immigrate to USA. Now, there are hundreds to thousands of scholarships funded by the US that foreign students can apply for.

Meanwhile, these scholarships has their specified deadline, application requirements from students, and most of all, the benefits. In order to widen the experiences of the discerning students, many scholarships are designed. As an undergraduate, you have every right to choose any of the scholarships that can drive you into the USA without much ado.

Since there are private scholarships by individuals, the ones offered by schools and government-issued scholarships, you have a lot to make your choice from. You can now worry less about your tuition fee, accommodation, monthly allowance, airfare allowance, health insurance, and other expenses because the fully funded scholarships will take care of all these while the partly funded will take responsibility for some.

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Eligible Countries

Since there are different scholarship divisions in USA for students, eligible countries are dependent on the chosen scholarship. If you choose a scholarship, check the countries eligible so as to confirm your stand. However, there are other qualifications that determine an eligible undergraduate student.

Qualifications for our Applicants

We have numerous ongoing and closed scholarships for freshmen anywhere around the globe. You can apply undergraduate scholarships in USA provided that you are a high school graduate that is ready to major in any university field of course, but have you thought of the requirements? We will simply state the qualifications generally. These are the prerequisites that must be covered before you go for the additional requirements of students.

  1. You must ensure that you are not above 25 years upon admission.
  2. Also, the course of field you are aspiring to offer must be recognized by the scholarship and also administered by the participating university.
  3. Moreover, there are universities allocated to each and every of the scholarships. Do you want to be a student of any of the participating universities? Of course you will be. Universities responsible for accommodating international entrants are prestigious US universities.
  4. As a matter of fact, you will get innovative knowledge and embrace new learning skills by meeting new professors and students from all over the world.

Enjoy your student life in a beautiful environment and atmosphere with any of the suitable US scholarship for international undergraduates.

Qualified Courses

As a student, you are free to apply for nursing, go for law, medical school, engineering, business administration, or other majors provided that your chosen course of study is administered by the scholarship you have chosen for. In clear fact, we are saying that applicants must browse for any of the ongoing US undergraduate scholarships so as to discover the availability of their chosen courses.


It is always a 4 years program. If there is a study that will take less or more of the years, your university will notify you.

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Required Documents

These are the papers that are applicable to your scholarship application

  1. Academic CV
  2. Academic transcripts.
  3. Proof of your high school certificate and records.
  4. Your national ID.
  5. The passport photograph.
  6. Recommendation letters.
  7. 2 reference letters in some cases.
  8. In rare cases, essays are prompted. It is depending on the scholarship you are going for.
  9. The last and most important is a completely filled application form.

Apply Undergraduate Scholarships in USA

Hey our new scholar! There are tons of scholarships available for students in USA and outside. It ranges from the fully funded down to partly funded and private scholarships, school scholarships, down to government scholarship. Whichever of them that you may be going for, get a grip of their application procedures and courses offered. Of course, the requirements above will be needed but there will be additional requirements in some cases.

However, some of the scholarships would prefer an admission application into their participating universities so that you can use your admission offer to apply for the scholarship. Just check out their mode of application, follow them step-by-step and apply so that you can travel to USA.

If after all these you still find your application very hard to assimilate and implement, beep us by dropping a note in the comment box below.

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