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Quickly apply university of Surrey scholarship to enjoy the fund support offered to European students that are intending to engage in undergraduate programs for the first time. You won’t believe the amount that is situated for all beneficiaries.

International students that self-fund themselves are partially funded here in university of Surrey. For you to be eligible, you must be a new student of university of Surrey that is intending to enroll for the first year of undergraduate program at university of Surrey. Meanwhile, any course that you are intending to enroll must be recognizable by this tertiary institution.

Aside from that, not every country is allowed to enroll for this scholarship scheme. It is for European citizens only. So, ensure that you meet up with this eligibility criteria first before looking up for other requirements that you have to meet up with. Nevertheless, this article is created for the welfare of all aspirants. Discover how to apply university of Surrey scholarship.

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How to Check my Eligibility Status

You can only see yourself as an eligible candidate when you meet up with all these information unveiled below.

  • First and the most important is that you must be applying from a European member country. If you are not a European or not a permanent resident of any European country, you are advised to refrain from applying this scholarship.
  • However, it is for undergraduate level only. So, you can apply if you are going for an undergraduate program for the first time in your life.
  • Moreover, you must apply for the first year of the undergraduate level. Later year will not be considered because we need new new friends.
  • More to that, you can enroll for any coursework recognizable by the university but it must correspond with your dream profession.
  • On the other hand, you should be able to self-fund yourself because this is a partial funding scheme.
  • Above all, you must enroll for a course at the university in order to be eligible for the scholarship program.

As you have discovered all that will make you eligible for the University of Surrey undergraduate scholarship, I trust you can now proceed with adhering to other terms.

Place of Study

All the aspirants that apply university of Surrey scholarship for undergraduates, will enroll for courses at the university. After that, an admission will be offered if you are lucky enough. Get ready to take your program at university of Surrey.

Level of Study

  • Undergraduate.

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Apply University of Surrey Scholarship for Undergraduates

University of Surrey undertakes eligible undergraduate students. They offers a supportive amount of up to 5,000 euro till your undergraduate program elapses. However, you will be automatically considered for the offer when you meet up with the eligibility criteria which has been stated above and then enroll as a first time new undergraduate student at University of Surrey.

Visit to apply for admission to any coursework of your choice provided that it aligns with your dream profession. Get an unconditional enrollment offer and become automatically considerate for this partial funding program by University of Surrey.

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