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Bank of America ATM check deposit, Bank of America check deposit limit, the Bank of America check deposit cut off time, how to deposit bank of America check into ATM, how to deposit check into bank of America ATM, are all on this page for BOA customers that would love to embrace vital information about the bank’s ATM and how their checks are deposited.

It is not confusing that most people are just learning about this idea 5 minutes ago. Bank of America allows its account holders to make check deposit through the ATM into their accounts should in case they are in the position of no-cash-yet. You actually don’t need a deposit slip, but a BOA debit card plus the PIN used in activating and authenticating transactions.

You can actually use your Bank of America mobile app to discover Bank of America ATM near me. The locator will help you with the research so that you will go to the ATM and initiate the methods shown on this page for you. Meanwhile, what is the criteria for using this version of payment.

Criteria for Bank of America Check Deposit

For you to be able to use this feature you must

  • Have a BOF debit card and an active account
  • Also, you should have a check at hand since you don’t have any cash at hand.
  • Be able to locate a Bank of America ATM so that you can deposit the check.
  • Meanwhile, both checking and savings account can initiate the check deposit provided that the account holders know how to deploy the measures.

Interestingly, there are limits to check deposits per day. Let us find out.

Bank of America Check Deposit Limit

Per day, there are limits to check deposits to make and without a clear information you will never have the idea. 10 check deposits are what you are allowed to make for a day. Also, account holders are obliged to make them before 8 pm.

However, the deposit is not as fast as cash deposit. The quickness is based on your account type. So, it is quicker based on this criteria. Do not expect it to reflect immediately but once the ATM confirms your deposit as a successful one, feel free to leave the machine, your balance will be credited to your account.

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Bank of America ATM Check Deposit

For a Bank of America customer to initiate the check deposit, he/she must follow the procedure shown below, but before the aspirants locates and forward to the ATM, the debit card and Personal Identification Number ( PIN ), must have been ready. With them, you can now proceed with the measures expressed below;

  • When you get to the ATM, slot your debit card and proceed the session.
  • Select Deposit from the options.
  • Choose Checks on the next list.
  • These are the prompts from the Automated Teller Machine. Make your choices as shown above.
  • Insert the check into the slot meant for it. Note that you are limited to only 10 checks per day.
  • Wait for the machine to verify the process and also show you proof of the transactions. That’s all.

Have you seen the process taken? For more inquiries or contributions, use the comment box below.

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