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No matter where you are applying visa from, Bank statement for application of visa is mandatory. This is an official proof of an applicant’s financial stability which every country embassy needs to analyze before accepting an entry. We can discover here, right in this article, how to apply bank statement for visa application from phone.

Bank statement is also known as statement of account, statement of bank account, or account analysis. Whatever name you know it for, I believe you have seen it here. However, bank statement is the details of transfers, credit, and debit alert in a specified account. It comes monthly and some of the banks sends their customers bank statements to their emails as a monthly tradition.

Meanwhile, bank statement for application of visa is not only a month analysis but up to six months, some countries will require more or less, that said, it vary according to the country you are migrating to.

The reason for this bank statement is to prove to the new foreign country that you can’t be a liability or practice theft due to financial instability while in the country. Apart from those going for their traveling for permanent residence, others have to prove to the country embassy in their hometown that they will return using their property, assets, industry, or other proofs as their reason to get back.

While doing that, you are expected to prove your financial strength and show how much you got in your bank statement so as to demonstrate your eligiblity for the travel. Some country will specify a certain least amount that must be in the account of their immigrants while other countries will want you to have a satisfactory amount before you qualify for a visa.

Getting the bank statement can be stressful from your own side but all these comes in a jiffy when you got your phone and also got the skills on how to get bank statement for application of visa.

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Can I Get Bank Statement Over the Phone

In some cases, it will be yes, while some will be otherwise. Banks will prefer their customer to come into the bank hall for bank statement application so as to verify them.

For your bank, log onto their website to find out the bank statement application form. Fill it with the details such as the account number that will be detailed on the paper, the month range, and so on. Sign.

If your bank doesn’t accept bank statement application over phone, it means that you have to meet them in person to apply, for security sake.

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Bank Statement for Application of Visa

Bank Statement for Application of Visa image

No matter your location, visa application inevitably needs a bank statement. If you have a visa sponsor or a guardian ( in some cases or for student visa ), it will be nice to get their bank statement instead. That is if your bank account is not emanating enough amount of money. The weight of the bank account is among the prerequisites that fasten the eligiblity of an applicant.

  1. Either apply online at your bank website ( that is for customers that have accounts in banks that accept application over the phone). Do not forget to indicate the month range, depending on the country you are traveling to.
  2. Mostly, it is always a bank statement for the last six months but it depends on the visa and country. The bank will send a PDF of your bank statement so that you can print out later or send as a PDF if the visa application is online.

On the contrary, it will be wonderful to go to the bank straight to get this bank statement so as to communicate well with bank staff. In case of any situation, it will be disclosed and errors can be rectified if necessary. Fill the form, sign and submit. Just as you requested, this paper will be given to you. It bears the details of credit and debit transactions done in the account.

Trying to Round Off

In conclusion, bank statement is not the only basic file requested during visa application. During your application, you will be asked to fill the visa application of the country very well with your correct information, then, flight itinerary that displays your movement and dates, the passport that will still stay three months valid prior to travel plus blank pages for stamping, your proof of accommodating in the country, and so on.

Try to get these things ready prior to your application. As the application goes, you will find out other documents that must be present. We only mentioned some. There are ones that will be added based on the purpose of your travel.

I hope this article helped. Click here to apply bank statement online.

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