Best Tiktok Hashtags for Going Viral in 2023

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Content creators, influencers, and all ambitious Tiktok users want to go viral, including me, and due to this aspiration, you need these best Tiktok Hashtags for going Viral in 2023 to rocket your Tiktok videos/contents views right away. The last part of this tutorial is the most effective and my favorite, make sure you stick to the end to grab this jailbreak idea.

A Hashtag is a word that clarifies your niche, your target audience, and the reason you posted the content to the social media algorithm. Picking the right content and hashtag can rocket your content to hundreds to millions of users. That said, posting quality content is not the end of it, but also picking the right hashtags. So many content creators are making the mistake of picking hashtags randomly without following the basic steps of picking the right hashtag for their content and without knowing how their rash actions are affecting their rank on Tiktok.

Therefore, for content creators to pick hashtags for posts, they should be clear about their niche, create videos that are related to the niche, and have their content topics according to SEO strategy. With this hashtag trick shown in this article, you will be able to strategically pick hashtags, and discover where the hashtags should appear in every post, and how many hashtags to have in your posts.

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Best Tiktok Hashtags for Going Viral in 2023

In Tiktok, you don’t pick hashtags because someone else chose them. All your hashtags should be relevant to your post and your content reasons. For example, you cannot have the same hashtags with an account that is concentrating on coffee if you are a fitness content creator. When all accounts on Tiktok attach the same hashtags regardless of their niches is when they add trending niches, we will still get to that, but for now, look at the steps taken in picking hashtags for your account.

  • Broad hashtag: This is the first principle of creating a hashtag for your account. Broad hashtags are general hashtags that can be based on your account or where you want to appear on Tiktok. As you already know, Tiktok already has the “For You Page” which you can just slide to immediately after launching Tiktok. Posts that have “#fyp or #foryoupage#” as their hashtags will appear on that page. This hashtag is a broad hashtag that is commonly used by every creator.

We have other instances like #solar #coffee #lifestyle #couplecomedy #travel #baking #fashion, and so on. They are the keywords of your niche but not niche-specific.

  • Niche-specific Hashtags: A hashtag that emerges from this section must be a trending hashtag from your industry. Nevertheless, these hashtags must be able to say who you are, what the video is about, and what is being shown in the video. That is, without audio, what is showing on your screen. Choose a hashtag in this section as described above.

For example #solarinstallation #southkoreatraveltips #traveltips #solarenergyinstaller, and the rest.

  • Trending Hashtags: Of course, there are hashtags that elapse over time. Always keep track of your followers, viewers, and other too creators on Tiktok to discover trending hashtags. Adding trends helps your content to skyrocket, and adding a trending hashtag will help your content view count a bit.

How Many Hashtags per Post

Well, I will be so frank. We all need to rank so fast but there are drastic measures that can hurt you for a very long time. This is a common mistake among many creators and influencers; posting tons of hashtags.

My dear, all you need is a maximum of 6 hashtags per post and a minimum of 3. It can be:.

3 – broad hashtags
3 – niche-specific Hashtags
3 – trending hashtags

Or go with this formation

1 – broad hashtags
4 – niche-specific Hashtags
3 – trending hashtags.

Try different formations and try not to repeat the same hashtags/formation in all your content. Test, test, test, until you find the type that works for you or the industry you belong to.

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Where to add my Hashtags

TikTok is not like Instagram which accepts hashtags that are added to the comment section. Creators or account owners are expected to add hashtags at the end of their descriptions, not at the beginning or at the middle, but at the end of the description.

As a baby account, do not make the mistake of posting without hashtags, only established accounts or top creators can post without hashtags because they already have followers. If you play a such game as a new account, your content will not be categorized or indexed.

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