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Higher education is apparently costly but with Canada fully funded undergraduate scholarship, you will not be skeptical about which school to choose, location, and the expenses.

With the 100% assurance of full grant given to international students through the undergraduate scholarship at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Canada, you will not face doubt when it comes to financial support.

An official financial aid that will support you throughout your undergraduate duration in Canada is here already. We introduce to you, Canada fully funded undergraduate scholarship for international students.

Moreover, it is not just for any international student, but an international student that is intending to attain a Bachelor’s certification. With this innovative program, you will gain an advancement in your field of study.

That said, this program will give you a perfect foresight, knowledge, and enlightenment on the field of study you have taken as your dream career. Work towards receiving a higher grade degree with this scholarship so that you will have an acquisition that will pay you off for a lifetime.

Your parent’s nature of work or financial condition will no longer deviate you from receiving an A1 kind of quality since you have decided to go further. Just learn how to apply Canada fully funded undergraduate scholarship so that you will pit your name in the consideration list. Ensure that before application you have all the requirements met.

That is to say, an applicant that is not eligible cannot access the scholarship. So, make it a point of duty to study all the scholarship prerequisites so that you can easily apply this scholarship without an approval letter as an achievement.

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Qualification Criteria

Do you know the nature of students that can apply for the Canada fully funded undergraduate scholarship? You will not understand now until you are clarified. So, it will be of great help if you gain the knowledge of students that can apply this scholarship with full right.

  • First and foremost, of you to apply this scholarship, you must be a student that is not with a Canada permanent permanent resident permit. You can have the temporary visa, no problem. With the temporary visa, you will be identified as an international student.
  • More so, your next level of study in concentration must be an undergraduate degree.
  • On the other hand, you are highly required to have the academic transcripts of your high school. That said, you will present your high school diploma that will serve as an evidence of complete high school program.
  • If you must know, only students that has connection with the eligible undergraduate coursework available in Southern Alberta Institute of Technology can fully apply for this scholarship. In that case, browse the university online portal so as to discover undergraduate courses that are available and also in recognition at the university.
  • Do you know that other academic cycles are not valid with the Canada fully funded undergraduate scholarship at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology? Only undergraduate courses are duly offered and it’s training given to students taken as beneficiaries.
  • Also, you must be competent in Math and English language. In fact, your English proficiency test will be portrayed while your academic records in Math will be shown.

After going through these criteria declared for all beneficiaries and aspiring alumni of Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, check yourself to confirm your eligibility and then apply according to the instructions positioned on this page.

Eligible Subjects

Our beneficiaries are prone to accessing all the undergraduate coursework available in Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Prior to that, ensure that the course you are applying to is prior to eligible courses so that your scholarship will be considered.

Deadline of the Scholarship

November is the month that rounds up applicant’s application and get it directly to the processing desk. After 5th November, you are not allowed to submit an application again. Even if the application file is complete with its documents, you will not receive an response after application because it will be ineligible for consideration.

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Required Documents

There are few documents to submit alongside your application form so as to validate your scholarship application. It might interest you to know all the materials that will boost the consideration state of your application. So, see them below:

  • High school diploma.
  • Your previous records in Math subject.
  • More to that, your English proficiency test is highly required.
  • National ID.
  • Digital passport photograph and more of them that will be disclosed during application.

Canada Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarship

The fully funded undergraduate scholarship covers

  • Tuition fee
  • Living cost
  • Monthly stipend
  • Allowance for books
  • Health care costs.
  • Lodge rent and other expenses waiver.

Looking at the fund overview, they are your responsibility as a student so you need this scholarship program as part of your life as a student. So, visit this webpage – to apply for the scholarship with the help of the on-screen directions.


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