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Cancel Jumiapay account to stop earning cash back and free money from Jumia. However, Jumiapay is an online platform that allows you to transfer funds from your bank account or card without revealing your bank details with any shopping system.For you to get the cash back and earn from purchasing airtime, buying from Jumia, paying for utility bills, and anytime you make outside payments, you must download the Jumiapay app, create account with a phone number or email address. Then, updates and notifications will not pop up on your notification space but on email.

Occasionally, Jumiapay members win bonuses for buying from the Jumia platform. You earn cash back anytime you top up airtime for yourself and others. Not forgetting other exclusive perks you tend to win but notwithstanding, there are users intending to cancel Jumiapay account because of any reason known to them.

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All You Need to Know

It is important for you to know that Jumiapay will never request your credit card details; CVV, account password, PIN, or other card details from you via email, SMS, or website. There are other fake websites posing as Jumia and duping people, engaging in many fraudulence activities. Be cautious of that.

However, remember that when you delete Jumiapay account that you are restraining yourself from enjoying the safest and easiest payment method in Nigeria. Is that what you want? Regardless, you should remove the credit/debit card linked to your Jumiapay account before you fully deactivate it.

How to Remove Credit/Debit Card Linked to Jumiapay

To disable credit card, debit card, or any bank account related to your Jumiapay, the following details are needed before contacting the customer service.

  1. Bank account number.
  2. Name on card or the account number.
  3. First 6 digits and last 4 digits on the registered card.
  4. Also, an email address linked to the card or account number will be needed.
  5. Notwithstanding, provide a scanned photocopy of your ID.

Then proceed to to fill the form and complete the card or account number removal before deleting the Jumiapay account.

Effects of Cancelling Jumiapay Account

There are benefits that engage you in Jumia Pay all these while. These benefits will seize immediately you deactivate Jumiapay account. More so,

  1. You will not enjoy uncomplicated airtime purchases at Jumia.
  2. Seamless online shopping services at Jumia are among the benefits that you are restraining yourself from.
  3. More to that, delete the account to stop earning bonuses and saving cash back from payments made in Jumiapay.
  4. Above all, shopping with a card or account number without revealing your bank information to the shopping system is another privilege you are keeping out of your purchasing system.
  5. You will lose all unused money bonuses.

These and more are all the effects of proceeding with Jumiapay account deactivation.

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How to Cancel Jumiapay Account

Jumiapay will need you to request for account deletion or any product deactivating from the email address linked to the Jumiapay account or the product. Since you are into how to cancel Jumiapay account

Quickly open the email address, compose an email requesting to delete your account while stating the Jumiapay linked email address or Jumia business ID, and above all, the last 4 digits of your bank account. Send the mail to [email protected].

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