Create WhatsApp Business Account without Phone Number

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WhatsApp signup is often with numbers but to create WhatsApp business account without phone number is the new exploration. Let’s find out the new way of getting a WhatsApp business app started without a business number.

WhatsApp business app is also another version of WhatsApp messenger but at this point, it deals with only business. The featured tools made it clear that “Yes, you are here for business talks only”. Most people that are currently advertising their goods and engaging in online sales are using Whatsapp business app because of the way it makes everything easier for the user.

Definitely, you will not be online every second but with a WhatsApp business, your customers which are either on your contact list or new ones will be engaged upon your absence. WhatsApp messenger will not do that for you. It happens only on the business app. In that case, download this app.if you don’t have it yet and then follow the rules to create WhatsApp business account without phone number.

Download WhatsApp Business App

One of the things very pleasant to the heart and ear about WhatsApp business app is that it is for free and also supports both Android and iOS devices. Once you get the download procedures straight, you are good to proceed.


  • Open Google store or App Store.
  • Search WhatsApp Business app in the search bar to find your results.
  • Install button is the next button to tap. The download will start first. After that, you can install.
  • Open the app and follow the measures shown below on how to create WhatsApp business account without phone number to open the new WhatsApp business account.

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Things to Take Note of

You can switch from your WhatsApp messenger to your WhatsApp Business app. It makes everything much easier for all of us and also promotes the fun-having attitude.

Before we proceed, it is my intention to tell you that it is mandatory to back up all files, audio, photos, and chats on WhatsApp messenger now before creating this account.

With this way, you will open WhatsApp business account having all the chats, audio, and photos shared on messenger. It will just save your chat history and set you away from confusion.

How to Backup my WhatsApp Messages

Most times, WhatsApp prompts for automatic backup but most of us here ignores it. It also supports local backup that it renders without your permission. The backup ensures that your encryption is maintained. Users can setup their account to be backed up within indicated time.

Meanwhile, if you are with an iPhone or Android here, this is how to backup your WhatsApp messages and other files at one pace.

  1. On android tap on the three vertical dots at the right side while on iPhone, tap settings right from the homepage.
  2. Android will definitely locate Settings after tapping on the three dots. Since both of you have found your settings, this is the next thing to do.
  3. Tap Chats and Chat backup at last.
  4. Request it to backup now since you will be needing their help.
  5. Select files you would prefer for the backup. Here we go!

At least, you have gotten the bonus perk of how to backup WhatsApp messenger, it is time to create WhatsApp business account without phone number because I trust you are so ready for it.

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Create WhatsApp Business Account without Phone Number

Interestingly, when you are not online WhatsApp business account has messaging tools that will get your customers engaged when they chat you up.

Additionally, it also keeps them engaged when you are online but hasn’t replied to them. It is called the auto-reply. So, setting up the account now is really worth it.

  • Log onto the business app you just downloaded.
  • Accept their terms and services by checking the box.
  • Enter the WhatsApp business number that you want customers to be reach you with.
  • The app will detect your WhatsApp messenger account and prompt for restoration.
  • Approve the opinion by tapping on Continue or Restore.
  • Wait for the counting to complete so that you will continue with setting up your WhatsApp business account.

Note that the same phone number on WhatsApp messenger is not recommendable for WhatsApp business. You shouldn’t use the same number. It ought to be two different numbers, one for business and one for chats.


Ensure that you complete the business profile now so that everything will appear professional when your customers finally find you. You wouldn’t love to be kept waiting when you wish to purchase from an online vendor so don’t keep others waiting. Setup your auto-reply, greeting messages and your away messages.

Create a short link that new customers will easily get you from plus labels and other majors. For inquiries, use the comment box below.

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