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Delete Hitwe Account – follow these simple steps and say goodbye to in minutes. With delete Hitwe account online, you will stop receiving messages, pictures, and files from your Hitwe friends forever.

However, if you have made up your mind to Delete Hitwe Account , then proceed to follow up these steps.

Hitwe is an online dating site with over millions of participants. It has become a favorite dating website for most users of online dating platforms because of how easy it is to us, free to chat with your date online, and its free access to effectively communicate with friends all over the world.

However, since 2015, Hitwe dating site has been one of the most popular online dating platforms for most countries and people living in it. it also has over 1 million users around the world.

About Hitwe

  • you can use Hitwe for free
  • Hitwe is a social networking app
  • too many pop-up and footer ads on the mobile app
  • Hitwe is an online dating app for singles looking for serious dating, casual relationships, and friendships
  • you can chat with users even if you haven’t matched yet
  • matches are strictly based on your community or location
  • provides you the opportunity to enjoy all its app features
  • Hitwe is available on the apple store
  • Hitwe is totally free
  • pricing starts at $3.94/month

Hitwe Features

  • Hitwe provides a conducive environment for chats. therefore, no need to wait for a match.
  • you can send messages right from the start
  • Hitwe provides fakes and scam protection
  • intuitive design
  • ability to send photos.
  • the chat feature is free
  • there is a newsfeed of new member activity

Special Features

Even without a premium membership subscription, you can still get to enjoy Hitwe’s special features with some minimal limitations.

These limitations do not really affect the website and app functionality in terms of meeting and interacting with other users see who visited your profile

A ‘Visitors’ tab both on the website and the mobile app enables you to see all the users who checked out your profile. After 30 days, your profile visitors will be removed from the list. For premium users, you get to see all your profile visitors. For free members, you are restricted to open the profiles of your 5 most recent profile visitors.

See who liked your profile

The ‘Likes’ tab lists all users who sent you a like in the last 30 days. Same with the ‘Visitors’ tab, they get deleted after 30 days, and the profiles of your 5 most recent likers are only accessible if you are a premium member.

Profile Interaction Counter

Both the website and mobile app show a counter on your profile of the total number of visitors you had since you joined Hitwe. Besides your total visitor count, are the total number of likes you received from other users and the total number of likes you sent.

Pet Evolution

The Pet Evolution game is an exclusive feature of Hitwe’s mobile app. Your chosen pet begins at Level 1, and in order to evolve and reach the higher levels, you have to complete the listed daily and special quests. Quests encourage users to be active on the mobile app. Completing them gives you XP points to level up, and hearts you could use in the shop to buy accessories for your pet.

Who is Eligible to Sign up for Hitwe?

  • persons looking for casual dates with no strings attached
  • singles who are into casual flirting
  • persons who are looking for friendships and profound connections

Who is not Eligible?

  • persons looking for serious relationships and deep commitments
  • people searching for erotic adventures and casual encounter
  • singles who want to fall in love

Signing up at Hitwe

I know you can’t wait to see the steps on Delete Hitwe Account but before then, I will like to show you the proper way to sign up Hitwe account just to give you a reason to rethink your decision to delete Hitwe account. maybe you weren’t properly guided at first, thereby encountering some difficulties. relax and allow me to show you how.

To become a member of Hitwe, the registration process is quick and simple. You just need to enter your basic information like your name, account, email address, password, gender, and age, and answer a captcha. after successful signup, Hitwe will take you to your profile dashboard where you can choose and upload your profile picture which is very optional,

however, there are also several fields of personal details you could fill in and a section where you can tailor your match suggestions. also, is important to note that making your profile as detailed as possible allows you to reveal your personality and could help attract the right people.

Hitwe Mobile App

There are many features installed on Hitwe mobile app which might not be found on its website counterpart.
an additional feature is the pets evolution game which serves as a great motivation to interact, upload new photos, and much more.
also, the mobile app features a message button right on the match profile suggestions which the website does not have. This would take you to a private chat room with that user.

When you click on the user’s photo on the app, you would be able to see the user’s photo gallery. clicking on a photo on the website would bring you to a personal chat box instead.

overall, the Hitwe mobile app seems to bring more convenience when chatting and viewing user profiles and its only inconvenience per se is the pop-up ads which appear every 5 – 10 seconds or more and this could cause total annoyance.

Delete Hitwe Account

finally, we are here. if you have strongly decided to hit  Hitwe delete button and say goodbye to your old friends and contacts, kindly follow these steps to Delete Hitwe Account

  •  using your PC since there is no Hitwe account for PC.
  • Unless your laptop is using an Android emulator.
  • now proceed with your mobile app if you can login.
  • Nevertheless, you should know how to login since we are doing this inside your Hitwe account.

You can agree with me on the fact that Hitwe account delete online is as simple as A B C D after you have gone through the tips with us.

Hitwe Account Delete on PC

Delete Hitwe Account or Hitwe deactivation with PC is actually on point if you are logging in email to text [email protected] for your account deletion. Otherwise, the laptop must have any of the best Android emulators for it to access Hitwe dating app. If it is in line with what I just said.

  • Login your Hitwe account with a username or email and then, a password.
  • Find your Avatar to open your profile page.
  • Find Settings and Settings & Privacy.
  • Tap on them consecutively.
  • Locate the Delete button just like you did above.
  • Delete your account with the directions of the on-screen prompts.

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