Download University of Zurich Postdoctoral Scholarship Form

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Download university of Zurich postdoctoral scholarship form which is available for a candidate that has completed a PhD position in the field of Linguistics at a recognized world university. With evidence of your postgraduate degree certificate, you are perfect to go.

Heydear applicant, do you have a full idea of this new research program conducted by University of Zurich for international students that are through with their PhD level in the field of Linguistics? It is so affordable because it is a no-fee scholarship application. The scholarship is luckily a need-based fund program.

So, international applicants that are aspiring to complete a postdoctoral level under the assistance offered by this institution, they must first of all be conversant with German. It is prioritized before the English language. Meanwhile, it is not qualified enough to disqualify applicants as 6 months will be devoted for training beneficiaries.

However, having good speaking and understanding skills in German will be an added advantage that will rocket your level of consideration. Therefore, review the requirements below before doing the university of Zurich postdoctoral scholarship form download.

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Place of Study

All the beneficiaries will kickstart their study program with the support of the scholarship award at this tertiary institution located in Switzerland. So, you will take your study in Switzerland with other International students that were selected for this program.

Study Duration

As long as your program could take. If it has to be 2 years, throughout your duration will be funded.

Qualification Criteria

Take 3 seconds of your time to discover all criteria that makes someone eligible for the University of Zurich postdoctoral scholarship. If you didn’t meet up with these criteria, don’t apply:

  1. Only for international students.
  2. More so, it is strictly for PhD finishers with certificate PhD degree certificate in the field of Linguistics.
  3. Meanwhile, the only course eligible to be enrolled in this level must be Linguistics.
  4. Ensure that you took the eligible course in your previous degrees so that you will be eligible for the postdoctoral program.
  5. Additionally, your academic transcripts will be demanded.
  6. The least certificate to demonstrate during application is the PhD level.
  7. You can study any category of Linguistic but must be German proficient. Due to that your proficiency test will be needed.
  8. Interestingly, your proficiency in English language is required as well.
  9. Above all, you must have interest to study away from home and return to home immediately after the degree is secured.

With these prerequisites met by applicants, eligible candidates are ready to apply for the University of Zurich scholarship after completing university of Zurich postdoctoral scholarship application form download.

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Qualified Constituencies

Luckily, students from any country of the world are eligible for this scholarship scheme. Selection is made regardless of your country. Just play your role by ensuring that you meet up with the scholarship requirements so that you will be considered for the award.

Download University of Zurich Postdoctoral Scholarship Form

We feel obliged to let you know that when this available subject is your dream course and you have also checked to discover your eligibility status, visit to enroll for the scholarship program. During your application, the required documents will be communicated to applicants individually.

Scan and upload the documents along with the application form. More so, await response from the organizers because the contact address provided is the avenue for communicating to all applicants. Other procedures will be informed by winning candidates during the selection evaluation.

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