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When you finally download Yandex browser for PC, you will be able to read news headlines without data connection. Are you surprised? This is what happens when you have a Yandex browser for PC. This feature is called the Yandex Zen.

Yandex is a Russian-owned browser that allows you to speedily and cheaply browse on a comfortable platform. If you had a Yandex account, you can easily swipe into the account through this browser because there is a login prompt fixed at the top right side of the homepage.

You may be running other PC browsers like Brave, Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, UC browser, Microsoft Edge, Photon Browser, Puffin Browser, Internet Explorer and other recognized browsers for PC but there are significant number of features to enjoy with a Yandex Browser. Apart from it’s availability and automatic login immediately after launching your web browser, you can check top news highlights even while your data is off.

More to that, the Browser is free to download application that comes with a must-visit features. Users enjoy the richly issued benefits of using this very browser. Ranging from the data saving performances, ability to zoom your interface regardless and then easiness in adding Yandex Browser extensions are some of the benefits that crowned it a top-notch. Here are other features that pushed us into showing you how to download Yandex Browser for PC.

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Features of Yandex Browser for PC

  • Yandex Browser grants the possibility of reading news even while the data is turned off. You can launch the browser to read news headline and then, turn on your data connection to read more of each content.
  • Do you want to keep updates about Naija gossips? Yandex browser will provide you with all the information you need by importing different blogs on your browser homepage so that you can easily explore and be entertained.
  • There are unlimited tabs for users to open more than two tabs during researches.
  • Interestingly, you can easily click Ctrl +H to view your history and delete them within the range of time you provided.
  • More to that, Yandex browser for PC is available online. Contact us when you desire a data saving internet surfing.
  • Add new backgrounds, customize the background to your preferences, and then read advertisements automatically shown anytime the interface is launched.
  • Do you know that you can bookmark searches to easily consult them any other time in the future?
  • Access websites like;,,, Wikipedia, AliExpress,, Twitter, Youtube, and other websites mostly searched by adding the website to the homepage.
  • Go to the background gallery to view pictures and download your preferences.

Just these few features are highlights of Yandex Browser. Users are bound to enjoy these and more. So, follow these procedures to download Yandex browser for PC.

Download Yandex Browser for PC

Do you want to have a Yandex Browser so as to run this browser and on the other hand enjoy these above-listed features and more? Follow the procedure below to download

  • Open your web browser. It can be any other existing browser on your PC.
  • Go to the search column to enter “Yandex Browser for PC”.
  • The first two websites on the search page are the Yandex websites. There are two versions of Yandex browser that you can download; the Yandex Browser and the Yandex Beta. The choice is yours.
  • Hit on any of the first two websites.
  • Go to the download button and click.
  • The download will start. Allow the browser to make changes to your PC. It will load till the end after which installation will start immediately.
  • Don’t worry, this app will launch immediately after download so that you can review it. Pin this program to your taskbar if you wish.

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Yandex Browser for Mobile

We have Yandex browser for mobile phones. That is Yandex browser for iPhone and Yandex browser for Android phones. Luckily, we initially gave a tutorial on how to download Yandex browser for mobile phones. Should in case you want to download the Yandex browser immediately to your mobile phone, click here to start a download.

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