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You are currently reading the easy way to track a stolen phone or a lost phone because trying to find your smartphone when lost or stolen can be so devastating. Nobody will be able to help find it as quickly as possible, but tracking to discover its last location will be so helpful.

That is why you should be ready for the rainy days today. Make some adjustments to the settings of your phone that will help you locate your phone when lost, even if it is turned off. Every year, people lose their phones in the cold hands of thieves, some are lost by mistakenly dropping them on a bus, falling off from their pocket while riding a bike, forgetting the phone at a spot, mistakenly dropping it on the ground while searching something in the pocket/bag, and other certain ways to lose phones.

When you find yourself in such a situation, the first flexible behavior is to call your line with another phone. Now, what happens when you call and it’s switched off, someone else picked up the call and ended it immediately, or it is ringing but you hear it ring? The only way out is to track your phone. What if you don’t know how to track it? That is why we are here. This guide is focused on helping you learn how to track a stolen phone or a lost smartphone.

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How to Track a Stolen Phone

Tech has made everything easier for you and me, the only thing is to play by the rules. For a phone owner to be able to track a phone when lost or stolen, the person must start the journey today by finishing and touching some options in the phone settings.

If you still have your smartphone, your mission today is to:

First Step:

  • Grab your Android phone now.
  • Go to the Settings on your Android.

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  • On the new page, Locate and tap on Security.

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  • Toggle on the Find my Device button.

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  • It will prompt you to turn on your location if your location isn’t turned on.

( Your location needs to be turned on for the device to be located )

Now that you have completed the main deal, you can track your phone when lost, forgotten, or stolen when you put the procedures below into action.

Second Step: How to Find my Device

The phone is nowhere to be found. Relax, you have activated the Find My Device feature before now so you don’t need to involve the police yet.

  • Just get another smartphone, it can be your friend’s phone, your second phone, or your brother’s phone.
  • Go to the web browser and type android.com/find into the search box.
  • Hit the Search button to open the website.
  • Tap on Phones from the shown menu.
  • Scroll down to the end section and find “Find my Device”.
  • Tap on Find my Device to start the tracking mission.
  • Log in to the Gmail account that is logged in on the stolen phone.
  • The details of the stolen phone will pop up on your screen with the traces of where the phone has been.
  • Henceforth, you can see the phone last seen. The location indicator will automatically move whenever the phone moves.

Go ahead and find your phone with the police or by yourself. The accuracy is totally 100%.

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How to Track a Switched Off Phone

You can locate your phone with the above steps if the Location and Find my Device features are on. Yes, it is possible, but there is also another way to track and locate a stolen/lost smartphone, the use of IMEI to locate phones. IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity Number that is unique for every device.

The IMEI is as unique to phones as fingerprints are to humans. It is not possible to see similar codes on different devices. Meanwhile, there are four sure ways to find your phone IMEI number on your iPhone and Android;

  • At the back of your phone – is a 15-digit number.
  • On your phone’s box or carton.
  • By dialing *#06# with the mobile phone. Some devices will pop up the number before you dial the last #.
  • From your phone settings: Go to Settings >> About Phone >> IMEI Number.

Copy out the number today and save it somewhere else. Once your phone is lost.

  • Download the IMEI Tracker – Find my Device App from your browser or play store.
  • Open the app now, and permit it to access the device and the internet.
  • For tracking, sign in to the Google account that is associated with the lost phone.
  • Provide the trusted contacts that will receive the IMEI location details.
  • Enter the phone IMEI number into the app and tap on the track device to obtain information based on your phone last seen.

I love how we went through this difficult time together and I hope you find your phone very soon.

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