Easy Ways to Delete Yahoo Account

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Terminate Yahoo services with these easy ways to delete Yahoo account that are mentioned line after line on this page. There are many subscribers and free account users of Yahoo mail and company that looks up to us when it comes to this deactivation.

How long did you last here? This shouldn’t be the question. What should be the question is “why are you deleting Yahoo account?”. You can just stay back and reconstruct the account to the way it will be convenient for you rather than deleting the account. Getting rid of the account will deprive you of the access to Flickr videos.

Also, most of these websites that you login with Yahoo account other than following the long protocol involved as a new user. As you can apparently see, Yahoo account is generally advantageous in exploring online websites and getting your verification done and dusted once it is associated with recovering your passwords in certain websites. Looking at the outcome of getting rid of your Yahoo account, is this what you want?.

If your answer is positive, take your time to go through the easy ways to delete Yahoo account. Moreover, there are basic things to take care of before you move in to the main deal. Users with laid accounts must cancel their subscription to avoid payments after accounts are canceled. It is very important that you delete your account before moving to Yahoo termination page. At this juncture, look at how to unsubscribe Yahoo.

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How to Get rid of Yahoo Subscription

When you choose to cancel Yahoo subscription, you have chosen to withdraw from all the premium services that it derive. Oftentimes, Yahoo accepts members and also send off members, since you are among a category, this is how to unsubscribe Yahoo account before account yahoo.com deactivation.


  1. Use any of your web browser after a WiFi or data connection is turned on, to go to https://mysubscriptions.yahoo.com/manage/subscriptions.
  2. For identification sake, you will need to login your account.
  3. Login with your usual Yahoo username, email name or, Yahoo mobile number.
  4. Enter the password and login.
  5. Check your subscription status.
  6. Cancel and confirm your choice.

Since you are done with canceling the account, move over to the account deactivation page.

Easy Ways to Delete Yahoo Account

Here we go. I believe you have been ready for this for a very long time now. Since we are on the subject, these are the steps needed to terminate a Yahoo account

  • Open the Yahoo termination page using a web browser.
  • Find the termination form at https://yahoo.mydashboard.oath.com/delete-my-account
  • Login with your Yahoo account. This is if you are not logged in before now.
  • Navigate to the Continue to Delete my Account to confirm your choice.
  • We are sorry to let you go. Are you you really want to terminate your Yahoo account? Enter your email address.
  • Click on “Yes, terminate my account”.
  • Your account has been deleted is what will come up immediately after you clicked the right button.

Your account will be deleted once it is not logged in within 30 days of the account deactivation request is sent.

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Reactivate my Yahoo Account

Have you changed your mind? You should login the account within 30 days of the Yahoo account deactivation request is sent. Yahoo account is generally deleted after 30 days. So, your username will seize to exist if you agree to the terms and conditions of not logging in within the given days.

What do I need to do:

  1. Simply walk up to Yahoo login page again.
  2. Enter your email name or username.
  3. Insert the password as they are related to the account.
  4. You can now hit the Login button.

It may demand a verification to ensure that it is your account.

Login Yahoo Account without Email

There are different details required for logging in Yahoo.

  • You can login Yahoo with email.
  • Sign in Yahoo account with phone number.
  • Yahoo account login with Yahoo phone number.
  • Or you can just choose to login with Yahoo username.

Choose any of your preferred and login Yahoo account. Do not leave until you rate this guide.

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