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It is mandatory to get Canada work permit once you have decided to work in Canada. However, the work permit is only for foreign citizens. That said, if you are otherwise, there is no need to look for a work permit.

Canada is not the only country that requires a work permit before allowing a foreign worker or job seeker to start working in any business area of their country. Other countries demand the same permit when your visa is all about business. A work permit is a pass that guarantees free access to all the business areas and opportunities in another country. Just like you are intending to travel to Canada for work now, you need a work permit.

Meanwhile, 2 types of visas are issued by the Canadian immigration department. One of the visas will be given to you under the condition of providing full details of your work and the employer while the other one has nothing to do with where and how you are working, rather, it will allow you to work at any place within Canada provided your visa is already processed. If you insist on knowing how to get Canada work permit, this guide will see you through.

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About Canada Work Permit

Before you apply for work permit Canada in your country and also await for arrival, you must take note of these things:

  • The type of work permit to apply for.
  • How to apply for work permit.
  • The required papers to attach as documents.
  • What makes you eligible.

You already know and understand what a work permit is. Now, there are two types of work permits exposed to foreigners that are coming to Canada for work.

  • Employer-specific Canada work permit -: This is the permit that needs full details of the employer you have decided to work for or can work for, the location in Canada where you can work, and how long you can work in that environment.

It is the permit arranged by your employer. The above information is needed because you are already sure of where you will start working in Canada. Therefore, your employer must give you a copy of your Labour Market Impact assessment and an offer of your employment number. Your employer is the one to get the employment number at employer portal.

  • An open Canada work permit -: Welcome to another type of work permit, with this permit, you can start working at any company, any place, or for any employer in Canada. In other words, you haven’t gotten an employment offer, so you are getting this work permit for a Job hunt.

How Long Work Permits can be Processed?

Your work permit processing time depends on your country. It will take time for some countries while others will get theirs faster.

Nonetheless, getting a work permit is not for free, you should get the cash ready, estimate from 155 USD.

Meanwhile, you can bring your family if they have to follow you. With your permit, your children or spouse will be able to live in Canada with you. Here, they can live their normal lives – work, study, or just live without doing any of the mentioned.

Eligibility Criteria for Work Permit Application

Whether you are applying from outside Canada or inside Canada, there are criteria that you must meet up with to get a work permit.

  • You will show that you have enough funds to take care of yourself or your family if they are coming along. This is where you show your bank statement.
  • Convince the officer that you will return to your home country once your work permit expires.
  • Get ready your police clearance certificate – it will show your criminal activities – those with criminal records won’t pass.
  • You must have a medical exam to prove your health condition.
  • Not open for work at any ineligible place or work for an ineligible worker.

Be able to provide other documents that the officer will ask you to provide for your application.

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How to Get Canada Work Permit

The officer in charge of your application will collect your biometrics. Alongside your documents, application form, and biometrics, your details will be profiled. After they are assessed, you will be invited for an interview. Other moves that will come after you have applied and approved will be detailed to you.

So, if you are ready to get a work permit for a business journey to Canada, let us know in the comment box below.

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