Fully Funded Japan Waseda University Scholarship Application

Fully Funded Japan Waseda University Scholarship Application image

The fully funded Japan Waseda university scholarship application is a gift to students that are responsible enough to see rewards of free study. This is a golden opportunity for all foreign students wishing to attain Bachelor’s or Doctoral degree certificate in another country. This is how to get admitted.

Japan Waseda university is the higher institution that undertakes international students that are ready to reach their ambition in life. The undergraduate and postgraduate studies are all for free. However, it is highly demanded of all international students to provide their English proficiency test during application. Do you know why? All the subject taught at the university is an English taught program.

Moreover, both male and female are eligible for this study due to there is no restriction positioned to the scholarship. At this point in time, let’s take brief period to give you detailed information on how to proceed with fully funded Japan Waseda university scholarship application. When you apply, you will study in Japan and at the indicated university precisely.

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Japan Waseda University Scholarship Details

There are various things to take note under this scholarship. The truth is that, students are free to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate degree if they met with the age requirement which is being under 25 years and 40 years respectively. In pursuit of receiving approval after application, you must apply before the due date which is July 08, 2022.

Scholarship Application Deadline

Students from diverse communities or constituencies proceed with fully funded Japan Waseda university, submit their scholarship supporting documents, attach it to their application form to ensure that the application is complete and do not attract eviction. Feel free to commence with the application just as shown on this page.

Qualified Constituencies

List of qualified countries are shown here but we won’t love to take your time. Due to that, we feel obliged unveiling to you that all the countries of the world are free to allow their students to apply for this golden opportunity created, unlocked, and funded by this prominent Japan university. The question now is, what are requirements positioned to students that are intending to attain a diploma or degree certificate with the scholarship. We will start from uncovering supporting documents.

List of Supporting Documents

Here are list of supporting documents that you must attach to the application form to validate the application. Are you ready to meet the application documents?

  1. Passport Photograph.
  2. Proof of previous least academic degree. Undergraduate aspirants will present their high school diploma while Masters applicant will provide their undergraduate degree qualifications or certificate.
  3. English proficiency test.
  4. Your national ID must be submitted for verification of your nationality.

After applying for this scholarship alongside the supporting documents, you are prone to enjoying 48,00 yen per month.

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Japan Waseda Scholarship Application Requirements

Simply take note of these scholarship application requirements positioned to all international applicants that are ready to apply for this fully funded Japan Waseda scholarship. Take note of all of them now:

  1. You must be an international applicant. That said, you shouldn’t be a Japanese.
  2. More to that, you are free to access any subject provided that it aligns to the subject you offered in your previous academic level and also present in the eligible subjects at Waseda university.
  3. However, all the documents demanded by the scholarship management must be submitted accordingly.
  4. Apply for the scholarship promptly and responsibly.
  5. Additionally, you must be an English competent and also with a satisfactory academic records.

As you have gone through these requirements, see how to apply.

Fully Funded Japan Waseda University Scholarship Application

Of course, it is an undergraduate and postgraduate degree given scholarship scheme that can be accessed by any qualified international applicant. Provided that you got a honors degree admission into the university, provided that it is an unconditional admission, this is how to apply, simply visit – https://www.waseda.jp/fire/gsaps/en/admissions/admission.

After the admission application is completed and gotten, next thing to do is to indicate and work towards Japan Waseda university scholarship application.

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