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Fully Funded Maverick Scholarship with Free Visa

Attain the fully funded Maverick scholarship with free visa when you apply the program with the procedures shown to you on geekdailies.com. International students that meet with all the criteria unveiled content will be lucky beneficiaries of a scholarship scheme that offers up to 3000 USD to its students.

International students that are ready to proceed with their undergraduate coursework in any subject approved and offered by Minnesota university located at Mankato in USA should apply fully funded Maverick scholarship with free visa.

It is a university based scheme discovered for facilitating all the foreign students with good and brilliant academic GPA and satisfactory English language skills. All the applicants must attain at least the average score of their English proficiency test.

The language requirement is actually prioritized that way because English is US language and official language as well. As a student of Minnesota university you must know how to make good use of your English regardless of your country.

However, the fully funded Maverick scholarship is a no fee application that will pay off for the rest of the enlisted candidate’s life. For you to apply for the scholarship, first, you must be a new student of Minnesota university in the field of approved undergraduate program.

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Eligible Courses

Interestingly, undergraduate is the academic cycle representing all the students enlisted to the Maverick international scholarship for foreign undergraduates to study in the US for free. So, you must be an aspirant of undergraduate coursework approved by the university and also be a new student of Minnesota university.

Mode of Application

Application for this fully funded higher education program is done online. All demanded documents must be scanned and submitted electronically alongside the application form. Moreover, these are required documents for applicants of fully funded Maverick scholarship with free visa

  • Applicants academic transcripts
  • Record of your academic degree. That is, your high school diploma.
  • Also, evidence of financial strength. At this point, your bank statement will be needed.
  • National ID to prove your country’s citizenship.
  • English proficiency test score of 18 or higher.

Submit all these supplementary documents alongside the application form to enjoy 3, 890 USD every semester.

Application Requirements from Entrants

As an aspirant, there are expectations and criteria that you must cover to become eligible and they are shown below:

  1. You should ensure that you are not holding US citizenship or have anything to do with a US permanent residence permit.
  2. Your aspiration must be at an undergraduate level because the program is for undergraduates.
  3. Meanwhile, make sure that you have never received a Bachelor’s degree since your lifetime.
  4. Apply if you just received a new enrollment offer from Minnesota university.
  5. Proceed with the fully funded Maverick with free visa application online if you have a valid F-1 or J-1 immigration status.
  6. More to that, an applicant must have the zeal to complete at least six community service projects every academic year.

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Fully Funded Maverick Scholarship with Free Visa

Visit the application portal to access the application form online, fill the form with adequate information and supply the page with all the documents needed. Students that will be accepted will come from a list of names of students that submitted applications before the given deadline.

Meanwhile, before you become eligible for submission, the university must have given you admission in any of the approved Undergraduate courses. So, apply here https://eservices.minnstate. for school enrollment first before scholarship applications to win considerable when application is completed.

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