Fully Funded Postgraduate Scholarship in Singapore

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Fully funded postgraduate scholarship in Singapore is the Singapore International Graduate Award ( SINGA ) initiative that was created for international candidates that wishes for doctoral study attainment. Check the eligible subjects to ensure that your course is inclusive.

With fully funded postgraduate scholarship in Singapore, you will be able to assess any university in Singapore that interests you more. Moreover, any university you going to choose must fall within the range of institutions listed as eligible participating universities. So at this point, we intend to inform you about the scholarship requirements from students so that you can self-determine your eligibility.

Also, we wish to let you know that all the courses are eligible to be accessed with this scholarship. If your interest is not in Biomedical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering and you are not ready for a PhD study research, you are ineligible for application because the mentioned are basic selection criteria. If you must know, all students are eligible provided that you are with your government issued national ID.

In that case, study in Singapore with a strong scholarship scheme developed for international students with high ambition and intellect endowment. Get ready to study in either Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) or the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). These are the participating universities that international students will select from.

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Eligibility Criteria

It is necessary for you to know the eligibility criteria designed for international students that wishes to further their courses with the scholarship scheme. Meet up with the eligibility criteria to reach the greater heights set for you and also foster your course study to your preferred level. So;

  • Students that are aiming for a postgraduate certification (doctoral certificate) with this SINGA scholarship must agree to submit all the required documents.
  • Your course of interest must be in the circle of eligible courses under this scholarship.
  • Get ready to leverage full fund set by these universities that moved into collaboration with the scholarship grantees when you choose either of the universities listed as participating universities as your first choice.
  • It is highly prioritized for you to have a good English speaking skills. That is, English competence is needed.
  • Hope you understudied Bachelor’s and Master’s study before you intend proceeding with the Doctoral stage? The least certification proof to provide is your Master’s certificate.
  • Application is not applied more than once and also applied only online. Don’t fall victim of students applying by sending their documents to the mail office of SINGA. It won’t be recognized if you follow the routine.
  • Get your government issued ID ready because only international students can apply.

Have you seen the eligibility criteria? Do you think that you can deal with it? If your answer is positive, you will have no other option than to take note of the details mentioned henceforth.

Accessible Courses

Meet all the courses that can be accessed by students that applied the fully funded postgraduate scholarship in Singapore. If your coursework is not in anyway related to the mentioned, don’t attempt an application.

  1. Physical Sciences
  2. Engineering
  3. Biomedical Sciences.

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Qualified Nationalities

Students from all nationalities away from Singapore can apply for the scholarship without restrictions because they are sole beneficiaries of the scholarship. If you apply, you will enjoy;

  • Free accommodation.
  • Tuition fee waiver.
  • Monthly cost.
  • Living cost.
  • Free visa.
  • Medical insurance and the rest.

Fully Funded Postgraduate Scholarship in Singapore

It is not difficult to apply for the fully funded postgraduate scholarship in Singapore. Before you head onto the application portal, get your passport photograph in png or jpeg format, academic transcripts, English proficiency test, 2 recommendation letters and rest of them ready so as to head onto the application portal – https://app.a-star.edu.sg/sms/applicant/Login.aspx.

Complete the application and ensure that all data entered are accurate and aligns with all the data situated in your official documents. Should in case you need more clarification, use the comment box below for inquiries.

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