Fully Funded Singapore Scholarship with Free Visa

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Fully funded Singapore scholarship with free visa that is boldly known as the SINGA ( Singapore International Graduate Award ) is the grant initiative designed by Singapore government. Do you know the courses that are accessible with the SINGA grant? You will find out when you read this article to the finishing.

I believe you will be very happy when you discover that the SINGA scholarship is not for undergraduates but for postgraduates. That said, you are now ready to grab an opportunity that will make you get a doctorate degree in any of the mentioned courses. In other words, we are trying to make you understand that applicants must check and confirm the eligible Majors before proceeding with the application.

However, do you know why this is a fully funded Singapore scholarship with free visa? It is because this scholarship covers all expenses including your airfare ticket. Applicants that are enlisted will win the privilege of traveling from their hometown to Singapore without paying any dime for their student visa. More to this benefit, our entrants has other mouth watering scholarship value that will be shown later.

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Courses Available

If you care to apply for the fully funded Singapore scholarship with free visa, these are the studies that you can offer. Students that didn’t offer any of the courses during their undergraduate years cannot proceed with Singapore International Graduate Award application. The courses are below:

  • Physical sciences
  • Engineering
  • Biomedical Sciences

When your interest isn’t in any of the mentioned departments, start now to back off.

Participating Universities

Gladly, we are proud to announce to the general public that it is only the prestigious universities in Singapore are capable and qualified to take-in all the selected entrants. Nevertheless, get ready to be enrolled for our selected program in any of these universities;

  1. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
  2. Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
  3. National University of Singapore (NUS)
  4. Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Are you an international graduate aspiring to get in any of the programs with this scholarship, this is the time to make it happen with the fully funded Singapore scholarship with free visa.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

To stand the chance of winning the enlistment consideration you should standout by ensuring that all these criteria are covered.

  1. Be an aspirant of postgraduate degree in the mentioned courses.
  2. Also, ensure that the courses mentioned above were your majors in the undergraduate and masters level.
  3. You must be a student that would love to enroll for any of the programs at any of the mentioned prestigious participating universities.
  4. Academic transcripts of your previous academic years will be required as you are a doctorate degree aspirant.
  5. When it comes to the language requirement, you are highly expected to have good affinity for English. In that case, your English proficiency must be satisfactorily.
  6. Proof of your last certificate must be inclusive. In that case, get your Masters degree certificate ready.
  7. Hope you are ready to travel to Singapore for this program? This is where the two years will take place.

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Qualified Nationalities

With no exception, all countries are qualified to have their natives apply for SINGA scholarship for postgraduates. Interestingly, this is a fully funded scholarship, making it the dream of every scholar far and wide.

The Scholarship Benefits

Drop and check out all the value that emanate from applying fully funded scholarship in Singapore for international students

  • Monthly living allowance
  • Free visa from and to your hometown
  • Health insurance
  • Cost-free accommodation
  • Tuition fee waiver.

Since we are already at the stage of this article, you are ready to apply for fully funded SINGA scholarship online.

Fully Funded Singapore Scholarship with Free Visa

With your:

  • English proficiency test
  • Passport photograph
  • Two reference letters
  • National Identification card
  • Bachelor’s degree transcript, plus additional documents.

Proceed to the application form now at https://app.a-star.edu.sg/sms/applicant/Login.aspx, create an account for student applicants, login the portal to fill the application form. Attach the documents as required by the page. Provide prompted information and recheck your details before submission.

You are expected to apply the scholarship before the application deadline. Entries after the date won’t be recognized. This is an opportunity to robot boost your intellect in your chosen field of study. Stay informed on your area of specialization with the free education ushered by a great country like Singapore.

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