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Customers that intend to apply ask how much is Zenith bank atm card and we are so happy and delighted to inform all interested applicants of the amount that will be withdrawn from their account once they request or apply for Zenith bank debit card.

The first and basic idea to have in mind is that before you apply for Zenith bank ATM card you must be a Zenith bank customer with a funded account. Whether it is a new account or an old one, the bank account must be funded with at least N1000 before you can apply for a card in the bank. Interestingly, customers that had their cards misplaced, stolen, or lost, can actually block the card to apply for a new one.

To re-issue a new card or replace a card, the same amount of issuance fee is still requested and I trust that you must be battling with your mind to know how much is Zenith bank ATM card is. Since you are ready for the new discovery, Zenith bank is ready to walk you through the path you need. On the other hand, our customers that have lost their cards are strictly advised to block their cards before applying for a new one. How is it done? Let’s find out together.

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How to Block Zenith Bank ATM Card

Did you lose your ATM card in the cold hands of bandits or thieves? Did you misplace the card or currently discovered that the card is lost? This is what you need and must do

  1. Rush to any Zenith bank branch near your present location.
  2. Move to the customer service section and request attention.
  3. Tell them that you want to block your card.
  4. Your account number will be demanded.
  5. After checking and confirming that you are the owner of the card, the card will be blocked immediately.

To replace the card you will be given an application form to fill. Complete the columns with the required details and wait for the card activation.

How Much is Zenith Bank ATM Card

How long have you been asking this question? Are you intending to apply for a new Zenith bank card as a new cardholder or as an existing holder that lost his or her card? No problem. Customers are solely eligible for Zenith bank card application but there is an amount that must be in your wallet for the card to become activated after application.

The issuance fee is N1000. Immediately the card is applied and activated, this amount will be debited from your account. If you still receive alert you will get the debit notification on the phone number registered with the Zenith Bank account that the card is linked with. Therefore, I believe that you are ready at this moment to know how Zenith bank card is applied.

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How to Apply Zenith Bank Card

It is a simple process that will take your time if the bank isn’t crowded. You will just do the form filling while the staff will take care of the card issuance and activation. Moreover, review an overview on how to apply Zenith bank card.

  1. Locate a Zenith bank branch and walk into it.
  2. Go straight to the customer service department.
  3. Ask for the Zenith bank atm card application form.
  4. Fill the form with your name, account number, the card type, the place that you do receive an alert, indicate if it’s a new card or re-issuance, plus other information.
  5. Note that your BVN will be needed but if you are not with your BVN, the staff will take care of that.
  6. During activation, your credit card authorization PIN will be generated by you.
  7. Come forward and enter the 4 digits PIN that you into the machine.
  8. Once it is registered, you can go to the ATM and test-run your card.

Have you seen how much is Zenith bank ATM card and how it is applied? If you got questions, use the comment box below.

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