How to Add Another Email Address to Gmail

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Woow!. Do you know that you can add another Email address to Gmail? This is so great!!! That said, anyone can manage up to three or more different email companies’ accounts to a single app which is the Gmail app. Wonderful! Find out how to do that below.

How long have you felt marveled when you discovered that another account can be added to a Gmail account or Gmail app? This particular feature has made everything much easier for all Gmail account users. In a single app, you will be able to have control over one million emails or above from different mail companies.

The fact is, how is it done? Actually, it is time to find out how to add another account to Gmail. Before that, it will interest you to discover the mail company you may desire to add to the Gmail account so that your interest will be confirmed. Meanwhile, if you are still intending to create an account of any of these email accounts, you can do that on the spot. These are privileges from Gmail.

Email Accounts that Can be Added to Gmail

How long have you been searching for email accounts that can be added to Gmail? Quickly discover the list of emails that any Gmail user or aspiring Gmail user can add to the initial account;

  • Interestingly, Yahoo Mail account is included.
  • Another Google account or Gmail.
  • Exchange and Office 365.
  • Outlook or Hotmail
  • Others.

In that case, any Gmail user is free to multi-task in the app once they have all it takes. One of the criteria for managing up to three or two at least on a Gmail app is that you must have a valid Gmail account, have the app, own a mobile phone that is internet enabled, and have a stable internet network condition. Still not forgetting that you need a sufficient cellular data plan.

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How to Add Another Email Address to Gmail

If you don’t have a Gmail app, download it now from Google Play Store or App Store so as to join in leveraging this advantage. Go to any of the stores, depending on the phone you are using, to download Gmail app, login the Gmail app with your Gmail username/mobile number and password.

  1. Tap on your profile picture or your email name (if you didn’t upload the picture ) at the top of the page.
  2. Tap on Add Another Account.
  3. List of email accounts that can be added to Gmail app will be listed. Choose one of them and add.
  4. If the email isn’t listed, tap on Others.
  5. Login the account and start managing it on the app or create it at the spot.

Hope you understood all the steps? It is just as simple as ABCD. Follow the on screen guide to complete the process securely.

Add Another Email to Gmail Account without Mobile Phone

You need a Gmail app in order to add another account to your old account. As a holder of a Google account, go to the application store to get the app downloaded. The app is for free.

Login your Gmail account but if you have forgotten the email, simply open the login page and tap on Forgot Email? >> Verify its you>> and recover your email with a registered phone number.

On the contrary, a forgotten password can take your mind straight to adding another account to Gmail without a mobile phone. How will you manage it without a phone?. That is why you should face the problem and solve it. Recover your password on the login form it is lost.

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How to Create Another Email in Gmail

As it stands now, you can create a new account, whether Gmail, Exchange and Office 365, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL mail, or Yahoo mail on Gmail app, but how? Relax, buckle your exploration shoe so that we will move.

During the process of adding another account to Gmail app, you discovered a list of Emails that can be added. When you choose the other email to add, the chosen email’s login form will appear. Since you have no ID to login, tap on Create Account.

When you hit on the Create Account, the on screen guide will help you to accomplish a new Yahoomail account, a new Hotmail account, or a new Outlook account, and so on.

Hope you found answers to your questions on how to add another Email address to Gmail account? Feel free to ask questions with the comment box situated below.

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