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Do you want to go to India as a student but don’t know how to apply Indian student visa online? This guide is for you. Embrace this geek now so as to discover unbeatable idea that will drive you legally into India for any professional training of your choice.

There are possible reasons that will cause you to know how to apply Indian student visa online. First of all, when your mission is to study in India, you are solely eligible to apply for this student visa. Meanwhile, undergraduates cannot apply due to validity duration of the visa is not above 3 years and undergraduate programs are normally 4 years.

In the light of clarifying you on the terms and conditions guiding this student visa application, this page has provided all the information that is needed for successful application of Indian student visa. Moreover, Indian has been a study hub for most students due to their low cost of living unlike most other countries known for rendering best academic experiences to students.

So, which country are you from? Do you wish to have India among the qualified country in line for your new academic experiences? We wish to let you know that you can apply for the migration provided that you have your India student visa. Nevertheless, how to apply Indian student visa online is already illustrated here. If you follow the routine back to back, it will give you exclusive result.

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Who Can Apply Indian Student Visa?

Every student is qualified to apply for the student visa online. More to that, you must have full interest to study in India and also leverage their academic benefits. On the other hand, many opportunities can move you to India. Admission, scholarship, an academic invite, competition or any other effective option can make you eligible for migrating to India with India student visa.

Now, we wish to show you the processes for applying Indian student visa. The fact is that you can apply Indian student visa online or you go to Indian High Commission in your country. You can apply your visa application alongside the document attachments from 10am to 12am during the working days. These hours are effective time for submitting your application.

Please Note:

You cannot move into India with student visa if you didn’t receive an academic call. It is either you got admitted into one of their prestigious institutions or you got a scholarship offer from their scholarship opportunities which you must have applied for.

On the other hand, you must provide all the requirements so that you will get positive results after the visa application. More to that, the application is not for free. The visa application fee must be paid so as to validate the application.

Cost of Indian Student Visa

This is the amount you must pay so as to validate your application. The application fee is $252 and every student intending to apply the visa must pay it to a Sterling bank in his/her country. Take note: The fee is not refundable, but affordable.

Before how to apply Indian student visa online is shown, you will provide all the requirements mentioned below so as to kick start the validity of your application.

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Indian Student Visa Application Requirements

Check requirements from students intending to apply for the Indian visa so as to confirm the availability of all of them. Should in case you don’t have any of them yet, you can get them now or before applying for the visa. Meet our eligibility criteria and documents:

  • On the online form, you will attach two passport photographs with white background. If you intend to follow the online process, you will glue the passports on pages 1 and 2 of the visa application form.
  • Original passport that its validity will still retain for at least 6 months.
  • Evidence of your visa application payment. That is, receipt of your paid application fee.
  • Your email address or phone number.
  • Application form must be duly signed. The rule guiding signatures is that the signature on your application form must be same as the one on your passport.
  • More to that, your academic transcripts will be needed.
  • Bank Statement of the student’s guardian or parents.
  • Do you know that if you intend to move for a postgraduate study that you must present your Bachelor’s certificate? So, get them ready.
  • Also, you must demonstrate the academic admission offer or scholarship offer from the Indian university that considered your presence in the country.
  • Above all, letter of support from your parents or guardians are needed to ensure that your supporters know that you are moving away from your present nation or residence.

Congratulations for having idea of all the scholarship requirements. These will help you to easily apply for the visa online without doubts.

How to Apply Indian Student Visa Online

The student visa for study in India is available online for students that would love to take their studies in India. After providing all the requirements, the next thing to do is to proceed to Fill the application form with all correct information. Do not leave any column blank. Any twisted information will lead to total eradication of the form. So, be very careful.

Above all, take your application fee payment receipt along while applying for the Indian student visa. It will prove your seriousness and positivity in getting effective results afterwards.

Hope your questions were answered here? Use the comment box below for more clarifications.

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