How to Apply Kuda Card Online and Get it Instantly

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With this idea of how to apply Kuda card online, you will be able to request a Kuda verve card in the comfort of your couch or at your convenient time. This card is also another shortcut for reaching your money in the bank account. Being the fastest means to bank online and in-store, you must request it, but how?.

Kuda card is a product of Kuda financial institution. This is the only institution actively working in Nigeria alone for now. The card is eligible to be applied by their customers only. Meanwhile, you can go directly to the bank to apply for Kuda card to get your name printed on your card within the given days but if you feel like going to the bank will be stressful, simply follow the rules here to apply online.

However, this card’s availability is not yet rolled out to every platform. You cannot use the Kuda verve card in Zenith bank ATMs and other POS terminals. Same way, most international platforms like Uber, Netflix, Spotify, Bolt, Amazon, and Apple Music are not supported by the Kuda card so you cannot make payments there with this card.

That is why we have provided you with the full information on how to apply Kuda card online so that you will get the card activated for your other eligible purchases. Enjoy your card for all online and in-store purchases.

How to Apply Kuda Card Online

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Kuda card is applied online but it takes up to 14 weeks to get it delivered to the indicated delivery address. For you to apply for the card, you must have a Kuda account with enough funds that will be controlled from this Kuda card that you are intending to get ready. To apply for Kuda card;

  • Have a Kuda mobile account and log in to your Kuda app.
  • On the homepage, tap on Cards at the bottom of the first displayed page.
  • It will take you to new options, tap on Request A Card.
  • Choose that you want a physical card by tapping on “Get a Physical Card”.
  • Complete the form to clarify Kuda on your delivery address.
  • Confirm your phone number and then provide the name you want to be printed on the card.
  • Enter the delivery address you want the card to be delivered again to just to ensure that you are so sure of the delivery address you provided.

It will take Kuda a few days to activate your card and get it delivered to your delivery address. It will take 14 days at maximum. However, Kuda has a Naira Mastercard that you might love to try depending on the kind of transaction you are making.

Login Kuda Card Account

The Kuda card account is the bank account you are managing with the card. Whenever you log in to your normal bank account attached to the card, it’s the same as the card. Every information you wish to get from this card information, you must get when you log in Kuda mobile app. What do you wanna know?

  • Account balance.
  • Card activities.
  • Transfer limits per day.
  • ATMs branch nearby.
  • Kuda bank near your location and the rest?

Your answers will approach you when you log in Kuda mobile app.

How to Pay Kuda Card

Reload your Kuda account anytime you are out of funds to get your Kuda card activated and ready for anything you want to do. Use the card to withdraw from any ATM aside from Zenith bank ATM. More so, manage your account online from your smartphone to stay updated on activities performed with your card.

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