How to Apply Masters Scholarship Award at Leiden University

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Are you a Master’s study aspirant? Apply Masters scholarship award at Leiden university which is the most paying scholarship award for international undergraduate finishers now. You are entirely free to apply regardless of your religion or skin color. No racism is recognizable here. Just meet up with the scholarship application requirements.

The scholarship application requirements are all made known to students on this page so that you will be able to attest to your own eligibility before applying. We wouldn’t want any student to complain of being ignored after application that’s why this elucidated and detailed guide in here for your exposition on matters concerning Leiden university excellence scholarship.

However, how will you feel when I tell you that the deadline of the scholarship application is first February, 2023? You shouldn’t panic because another version; the second version of application for the is October 1st so you shouldn’t worry about that. Just watch your eligibility with the help of the eligibility criteria set here. After that, learn the application procedure.

Meanwhile, undergraduates are not allowed. All freshmen are highly disregarded. Only graduates that are ready for Masters can apply now at the eligible application link with application form plus other additional application documents. In all terms, you should ensure to apply the Masters scholarship award at Leiden university before the due date because applications later than the due date is not acceptable.

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Apply Masters Scholarship Award at Leiden University

Apply Masters Scholarship Award at Leiden University image

It is a scholarship grant designed for Non-European students that are aspiring for completion of Masters degree level. All participants will be certified with accredited field of study’s Maters level after elasping the program’s duration.

Meanwhile, have you ever taken time to discover qualified courses? Subjects that are accessible with this fund are Law, International relations and other Masters level related programs taught at Leiden university. Note that they are all English taught program so you must be English proficient.

Moreover, there are three level of awards offered to international students that are offered this study privilege. Candidates are offered fund between the range of 10,000 euro and 15,000 euro. For you to enjoy either of them, here are things that you must adhere to.

Eligibility Criteria

You must ensure that you are not a European student, citizen or residence holder before applying for this scholarship in Netherlands. Nevertheless;

  • Candidates are expected to have interest in staying in Netherlands as this is their place of study.
  • More to that is the fact that undergraduates are ineligible. So, your focus must be on Master’s only.
  • Hope you know that all subjects available at Leiden university are accessed by students? That said, candidates can enroll for any department prior to their undergraduate level.
  • Meanwhile, Bachelor’s degree certificate must be ready to be presented as an evidence of finished undergraduate study in the addressed subject.
  • English proficiency won’t be taken for granted. Test and submit your proficiency test in English.
  • Students over 30 years old and with permanent residence permits of any European country are ineligible.

After that is the application documents demanded to be attached to the application form. Here are the supplementary documents.

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Supplementary Documents

Attach all these documents. scan and get them ready to be submitted online with the Masters scholarship award at Leiden university application form.

  • English proficiency test.
  • Age proof
  • Nationality proof ( National ID ).
  • Academic transcripts.
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate.
  • Certified medical report.
  • Recent two digital passport pictures.

These are all the documents you need to prove your eligibility for the Masters scholarship award at Leiden university.


Leiden university is an academic institution in Netherlands. They are the ones facilitating and undertaking Masters aspirants with the the help of this scholarship. Entrants are mandated to apply for the scholarship no later than the due date which is 1st October 2022 and 1st February 2023. For this session, you have the 1st October as the last date of application.

So, visit to find the application form online, fill it, and follow the online process to apply for the scholarship properly.

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