How to Apply Scholarship at Brock University for Foreign Students

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Apply scholarship at Brock University for foreign students to meet quality lectures in any of the university courses that you care to enroll for. Interestingly, Vietnamese students, Malaysians, Ukrainians, Egyptians and other students from other qualified countries, see list below, are sole beneficiaries of this incomparable opportunity.

Brock University is a Canadian-owned and Canadian-based university that recognizes English proficiency of every applicant before undertaking them. The most prioritized, prominent and recognized criterion for considering a new student is that English fluency. You must understand, write and speak English fluently since they are anglophones. More to that, their requirements are mostly based on English language.

As a matter of fact, this new international scholarship at Brock university is not just what you will get in a snap of a finger. You gonna work for it. Once your application is obtained, considered and selected after passing through the selection process, they you will gather enough experience and enhancement through this given life changing opportunity. So, you will actually download and apply this Canadian undergraduate scholarship online.

Meanwhile, it has come to our understanding that not all nationalities are eligible for this scholarship. It will interest you more to see your country among the qualified constituencies. No need to do guess work. We will give a list of countries that their students are qualified to apply for new international scholarship at Brock university for undergraduates. Explore the lists below to make the discovery.

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Qualified Constituencies

Hello! We bring to you the qualified nationalities of this wonderful scholarship for international students. It’s quite advisable for any applicant intending to move through with this scholarship to tour the list below before attempting an application. Obviously, it won’t be needful to apply for this scholarship when you are ineligible or from ineligible nationality.

  • Sri Lanka
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Bangladesh
  • Turkey
  • Bhutan
  • Ukraine
  • Brunei
  • Nepal
  • Costa Rica
  • Kenya
  • Colombia
  • Curaco
  • Ecuador
  • Ethiopia
  • Pakistan
  • Thailand
  • Mexico
  • Mauritus

Did you find yourself there? I’m sorry if you didn’t but these are qualified countries that their citizens can apply. Then, if it happens to be that you are among the selected countries, here is the application protocols.

List of Qualified Courses

Here are the qualified courses that Bachelor’s degree will be received from. Actually, it happened that students and beneficiaries of this scholarship has access to all the recognizable undergraduate courses of Brock university.

Place of Study

The journey ends at Brock university in Canada. International students which must be students with permanent residency permit of any of the selected countries will all gather at Brock university which is a very recognized and popular higher institution in Canada. That will be their place of study.

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Eligibility Criteria 

  • We have already made mention of the countries that are qualified to commence with the scholarship application. Throwback, check the list aforementioned to clarify yourself on that.
  • More to that, the top considered criterion above all the criteria is the English proficiency test, including the PTE ( Pearson Language Tests). It is required of you to not hit minimum record provided by this scholarship.
  • However, if you must know, your level of study must be the undergraduate program.
  • In addition to that, only addressed undergraduate courses will be accessed with the scholarship. Nothing more, nothing less. Check if your preferred career-course is among the available courses.
  • Finally, obtain an admission into the university first before an application is attained because without Brock university student membership, you will not be considered for this scholarship but rather considered as ineligible.

How to Apply Scholarship at Brock University

Before an application will be attained in this scholarship scheme, ensure that all the indicated supplementary documents were attached to the application form. These documents includes:

    • Academic records of previous study attended (Transcript).
    • IELT Record
    • YELT Record
    • PTE Record
    • IBD – English-based International Baccalaureate Diploma from an English speaking institution.
    • Your IELTS record which has been duly completed in Brock Intensive English Language Program.
    • Your IELP will not be taken for granted.
    • 176 is the minimum score considerable in CAE and CPE.

When all these are made ready, scanned and uploaded to the application form, the application will become considerable. Meanwhile, apply for an admission to Brock University at to start with.

Do you still encounter confusion in any section of this scholarship? If you still don’t understand how this scholarship works, use the comment box below to ask questions.

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