How to Apply USA Visa for Students

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We have researched and decided to walk you through how to apply USA visa for students. With this visa that we are about to apply, you will get into USA legally and equally commence work and study without frustrations.

USA has three different categories of student visa that students intending to travel to USA can choose from. Each of them has its own insinuation and being able to make the right choice of visa is dependent on what you want. It is so clear that you will not move into USA without visa because when such act is displayed, you will be seen as an illegal guest thereby drawing some legal penalty into your doorstep.

So, students that wish to move into USA for any study at all, including the cases of vocation should ensure that they go through this illustrated geek on how to apply USA visa for students. Discover the kind of visa you are applying for first. Meanwhile, we have explained three kinds of student visa below this section so after going through them you will be able to identify your visa type.

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USA Student Visa Types

VisaVit will not deny you these information because we know that it is our obligation to clarify you on things concerning visa; students visa inclusively. Any of these mentioned visas will offer you work and study. So you have every right to choose from them.

  • M1 – For you to qualify for M1 student visa in USA, you must be an international student travelling to learn a skill in USA. That said, it is eligible for students that are vocationally inspired.
  • F1 – Above all, F1 visa is for any international student that wish to be responsible for funding the visa. At this juncture, USA will not bother to include you to the sponsorship. Also, it is for students that are not receiving scholarships that funds for their travel fare.
  • J1 – More to that, meet the J1 visa that is applied by students waiting for sponsorship or external help for the travel. You are free to choose either of them and apply. You are the only one that can be mindful of your pocket.

At least you can now recognize USA student visas and decide on the best for you. Without much ado, let us go through the requirements positioned for students that are intending to know how to apply USA visa for students.

Requirements for Aspirants

The importance of knowing all the requirements attributed to students is that they will help you to discover how eligible you are for this journey. In pursuit of clarifying you in this aspect, go through the details below to identify all the requirements one after the other:

  1. Go ahead with the application if you are not a permanent resident or citizen of USA.
  2. Moreover, applying as a student is not an evidence of an accepted application. It is mandatory for you to provide the admission offer from the USA university that you are intending to commence your studies.
  3. However, your government issued ID won’t be taken for granted so get it ready. It is a proof of being an international student.
  4. If you must know, each of the applicants must prove their financial strength by providing a bank statement.
  5. Also, hope you that you can speak English? An outspoken student is the most desired and eligible.

These are few requirements from students preparing to apply for US student visa. Before we proceed, it might interest you to know all the documents to submit during application.

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Required Supplementary Documents

Meet all supportive documents that must be added to your application for validation and due authorization.

  • Bank Statement.
  • Proof of nationality ( National ID ).
  • 2 recent passport photograph.
  • Certified medical report.
  • Receipt of visa application.
  • Duly completed visa application form.
  • An international passport that will last for extra 3 years after this application.
  • Your online English proficiency test ( Proof of English fluency ).
  • Admission letter or offer from the US recognized university that you are intending to apply at.

How to Apply USA Visa for Students

Finally! You have reached the core of today’s content. After a student has researched, discovered, and decided on the visa type to apply for, the next thing to do is to launch the form DS-160 through the web and complete the application form that will be portrayed after the applicant must have indicated the visa type.

Pay and prove a paid application. Attach other documents demanded and head over to the “Submit” button for proper conclusion. How you will get updates will be disclosed to you thereafter.

What other questions do you have for us? Use the comment box below to indicate.

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