How to Apply Zenith Bank Virtual Card

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When a Zenith bank customer learn how to apply Zenith bank virtual card and proceed with the application, that same customer will be able to handle online bill payments, shop online without any freak and sort online top-ups and recharges possibly within 5 seconds. Ask me how?

Zenith bank virtual is currently the best version of internet banking. It is an online self service that has improved the cybersecurity and also improved the privacy of Zenith bank customers. Actually, you should stop looking around. The card is unseen. Your role is to activate it through Zenith bank online website or Zenith bank mobile app. It is not activated elsewhere.

Customers that has applied theirs will attest to that. Moreover, it is not applied, but activated through an online surface so if you are searching on how to apply Zenith bank virtual card, the answer and solution is here. All these while, if you are running an online banking account, it would have been recommended for you.

Moreover, it is already recommended for most of our customers in their linked email address. It will also interest you to know that only your BVN and date of birth is needed to get your virtual card ready. Prior to that, first 2000 customers that request for this card will get it for zero Naira. Remember that it works better for customers that frequently or close-to-frequently engage in online purchases, online shopping, online bill payment, any other online monetary activity.

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Functions of Zenith Bank Virtual Card

Welcome to our newer version of internet banking in Zenith bank. Our customers that has tasted and tried to engage in payments with Zenith bank virtual card will actually agree on the highlights situated below:

  • With Zenith bank virtual card, relax at home and connect with us through your mobile phone to recharge your GOtv, DStv, or Startimes.
  • What’s your take on the easiness in shopping payments. The cash is available for you when you activate Zenith bank virtual card.
  • Sort your bill payments in an easy mode. Trust me, no one will know about it.
  • It is also the best recommendation for customers that easily lose their debit cards. Just slide to our website to apply Zenith bank virtual card and remain safe.
  • Interestingly, it is not physical. Therefore, it can never be lost or stolen like the normal card. Are you happy now? I am happy because this is the most secured and portable way of managing a debit card for online payment. No one will have a clue of how to get rid of the card.

As you have known about the card, it’s time to request for your own card. Send Virtual debit card request with the steps we are about to show you below.

How to Apply Zenith Bank Virtual Card

Apply Zenith Bank Virtual Card image

Customers doesn’t know how to validate Zenith bank virtual card. This ignorance is not only addressed to our old customers. It is for the old and new. The fact is that you can get the Zenith bank virtual card through 4 effective procedures and if you permit us, we will show you all these procedures. Thanks for giving us the privilege to lead the way. We will start the procedures from somewhere.

  • Apply through Email:

If you check your email now, Zenith bank has disseminated the virtual card validation notification to all the customers that linked their email address to their Zenith bank account. I saw mine this morning. So, even if you didn’t see the notification, go to your email now because you might fall in the category of those that rarely login their email.

Launch the email provided that it is registered to your Zenith bank and you have been receiving messages from Zenith bank through the email. Go to “Update” and open the message. Click on the dashboard after the message has opened so that it will direct you to Zenith bank online website. Follow the onscreen prompts to apply.

  • Apply directly on Zenith Bank Virtual Card Website

On the contrary, you can simply launch This is the validation website. You will actually agree with me that you are prompted to enter your BVN And date of birth. Ensure that the date of birth is same as the one you registered in the BVN. Tap on “Validate” at the right bottom side of the page for the remaining stages to unfold.

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  • By Dialing a Code

Do you know that you can just stay at your comfort zone to dial a code with the phone number affiliated with your Zenith bank account. The only requirement here is to abide by the rule of using the mobile phone number registered to the bank account for this very procedure. If the number is no more, try other digits. So, if you are ready to commence with this procedure, dial *966*2273#. Complete your validation request with the popped up menu on your screen.

  • The Last but not the Least is the Zenith Bank Branch

Simply move directly to any Zenith bank branch near you to inform them about your interest in having the Virtual card. A form will be issued to you. Fill the form with prompted details and submit to customer service desk. During the application, if you need to make any inquiry, do not hesitate to ask any of the staff. That’s all.

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