How to Block First Bank ATM Card on Mobile Phone

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Do you know that you can block First bank ATM card with mobile phone? That is, you can block the card without going to bank or contacting First bank customer service. It is the best hack to stop the card in 5 minutes from your mobile phone.

Do you know why this hack is the best? Stolen cards will be stopped and also unlinked from a First bank account by using this geek to stop the debit card. I trust you are searching for such idea because your card is misplaced or lost out of theft. Right from your mobile phone, First bank ATM card can be blocked with the deactivation code.

Blocking the card will stop your money from your account to other accounts. That is the first thing you should when your card is lost, dial the code in a phone that has your First bank registered phone number. Follow the prompts to delete the card from your account.

More so, make sure you move the money in that account immediately and don’t wait for anyone. If you take chances, it may be tampered with. Thank God that cards can be blocked right from your mobile phone within few seconds if you have enough information. Rushing to block your card immediately will stop fraudsters from wiping all the cash if you have.

Nevertheless, you can relax if there is no money in the account but make sure that money isn’t moved to the account again. Before you can transact with the account again, ensure you go to the bank to meet the customer service for card deactivation.

This idea on how to block First bank ATM card without mobile phone that we shared here is for emergency situations. In that case, dial this code to block a First bank debit card if you find yourself in an emergency situation or if lost immediately.

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What must be Present for a First Bank Card to be Blocked?

Although you may be in a difficult situation at the moment because you would love to block the service right away before someone moves your money to another account with the little information they got from your card, First bank wouldn’t love to take the risk of blocking a card without proper verification. That is why our customers must have these qualifications before a debit card from them can be deleted:

  1. A phone number that is registered to the account that this ATM card is linked to.
  2. On the other hand, you should know the deactivation code so that you can block the First bank ATM card with mobile phone.
  3. Also, you should have of the consequences of blocking a First bank debit card. Do not dream of going back to this old card.

How to Block First Bank ATM Card with Mobile Phone

We are not happy that you lost your card that is why we have an escape route that guarantees the safety of your money. When you do all we have stated here, your card will stay inactive until you contact your bank for another one.

If you suspect any activity that is unexpected or unusual, use any mobile phone that has your First bank account registered phone number, that is, the phone number that you registered with First Bank

  • To send “BLOCK” to 30012.
  • You will receive a message as a reply after this.
  • Your card will be blocked.

Checking your phone balance, money transfers, shopping online with the card information, withdrawal, or recharging phones won’t work again with the card. You will have to move to “First bank branch near me” to apply for a new card. You may or may not get the card that day.

Alternatively, on bank working days, customers can block their cards by moving into a First bank branch nearby to block the card.

How to Block First Bank Card in 5 Seconds

Is the phone number lost or you are not currently with it? There is another way to block the card if it is on bank working days.

Just enter First bank to meet any of their representatives, they will direct you to the customer service desk so that you can fill in the deactivation form. The card will stay locked and non-functional if you want to use it for activating First bank app.

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How to Block a Stolen First Bank Card

Send Block to 30012 on the mobile phone that has your First bank registered phone number so that your bank will follow your orders. This is the easiest and fastest way to halt any mischievous withdrawal. Apart from this, you can block First Bank ATM card using the bank mobile app.

This works for customers that have active internet connection at the time they want the card to be blocked. If not, use the phone number connected to the First bank account to block it.

The truth is that this method of sending SMS works only for 24 hours. You still need to meet your bank for complete deactivation and application of new card.

Deactivate First Bank Card without Phone Number

Finally! We have discovered how you cab block First bank card with First bank mobile app

  1. Login your app if you have been using it.
  2. Tap on Options
  3. Choose Card Services from the options appearing on your screen.
  4. Select the Card Type.
  5. Tap on Hotlist Card.
  6. Follow other commands to complete the card blocking.

We are done! You can now rate this guide in the comment box below.

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