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Hey! How can i stop my card?! Don’t worry, you are a step closer to how to cancel GTBank visa card. As a credit card that is pertinent to seamless international payment, you might experience a constraint that will draw your mind to closing the card. We will help you with that.

We don’t know who need to hear this but the fact is that you can close your GTBank Visa card with so much easiness, no stress. Just like you easily created the credit card with your own information, you can get it terminated or closed with same easiness. Before anything else, we wish to draw your mind to all you will miss when you cancel the credit card.

Functions of GTBank Visa Credit Card

  • Use the visa card to make payments of good and services nationwide, anywhere that visa is recognized as a payment option.
  • The Chip and PIN technology improves the security of the Visa credit card. That said, it is personalized for you to guard your credit card.


  • With NGN1,000, you will handle an international credit card with international payment support.
  • Handle the US dollars denomination to handle speedy international payments without foreign charges.
  • Above all, you will use the credit card for 3 years only, nothing less, nothing more.
  • It might interest you to also know that you can make use of GTBank visa classic credit card in any Automated Teller Machine worldwide.

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  • Pay your card through GTBank internet banking service. Although you will make the payment through the GTBank domiciliary account, your card is not registered to the domiciliary account so that intruders will not tamper with it.
  • If you must know, GTBank is the best African bank that issues all varieties of credit cards in which this Visa card is among them. So, you are highly secured.
  • Enjoy standard mode of transaction online, handy and non-restricted transactions.

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Annual Fee for GTBank Visa Card

There is no annual fee for GTBank visa card but above all, customers still wants to know how to cancel GTBank visa card. If you still maintain your card, you will continue its usage even when there is no ATM nearby.

When you don’t have an online account that you can perform the fund transfer to GTBank visa credit card with, you can actually move to the branch nearby to fill and submit the funds transfer form to the branch.

However, the online account is not pertinent to only GTBank visa card. It is used for all GTBank products and services. You can manage your account from there, debit card and any other credit card. So, should in case you feel like having the account as well, start from downloading GTBank mobile app with the measures below.

How to Download GTBank Mobile App

Open GTBank internet banking account when you download the GTBank mobile app from Google play store. Go to the search space and indicate your search so that you will download the app into your mobile phone. After that, launch the app to create the online banking account linked to your main GTBank account.

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How to Cancel GTBank Visa Card

The deal concentrates mostly and only on how to cancel GTBank visa card. We know that you wish to have it deleted but I just hope that you know the implication of what you are intending to do. You know that a cancelled GTBank doesn’t function in any POS or ATM again.

You cannot use it to withdraw money, engage in diverse monetary business of US currency. Do all of these without an annual fee expectations from you . Moreover, since you intend to have your account cancelled, go to any GTBank branch nearby, move to the customer service to tell them your mind about having the card deleted.

On the contrary, you can cancel GTBank visa card from home when you have all the details by handy. This is when you call +234 700 4826 66328 or +234 1 448 0000 to help you have the Visa card deleted.

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