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How to cancel Spotify premium account through the web. Quickly go to your data connection and turn it on. Monitor the network to ensure that it is in good condition. Now, cancel the service by visiting this web URL.

How to Cancel Spotify premium account is really not a problem talk more of being a big problem. Once you know how you can login your account. Provided that your login credentials are still intact, you can cancel this premium account with one click. Observe how your premium account will return to free account.

Spotify is a music streaming site that works with sufficient data connection and good internet condition. The above mentioned become included when you manage your Spotify in a free mode. However, that same free account consist of numerous unnecessary ads that will often piss you off.

The only advantage is that you don’t need to contribute or input money or credit card just to access the platform. Features are limited but you can stream musics which is the major reason for having a Spotify account. In order words, there are still categories of people that loves to have it all in premium. During registration, premium will be suggested but some times, need may arise for us to switch to free mode.

You don’t have to delete your Spotify if you are tired of subscribing monthly, yearly or as the case maybe. All you need to do in order to still leverage Spotify without getting rid of it completely is to cancel the plan. How to Cancel Spotify premium account is already positioned for members that targets the cancellation.

Just take closer look on the procedures carried out during the subscription cancellation. Do not delete Spotify because it has all it takes to make your life happy with music. Spotify brings in songs from different angles and bring it in for us to access. So, unsubscribe your premium account with this routine.

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Step-by-Step Procedure on Spotify Premium Deactivation

You should know that deleting a Spotify account will not stop your automatic subscription from functioning. There is every need for a Spotify user with a premium account, to know How to Cancel Spotify Subscription. The reason is that, whether the app was deleted or uninstalled first, the account is still active, so is the subscription.

Meanwhile, if you decide to delete the account, it will stop functioning but the subscription is still on. So, learning the subscription cancellation protocol is a mandatory task for every premium account holder/user.

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How to Cancel Spotify Premium Account

To unsubscribe Spotify premium account is really simple just as you imagined it. Members that have tried it will confirm same with me. You just need to remember your login credentials one more time. With the entry, we will win this. Even if you cancel the subscription today, you can still start it over tomorrow. The rules are very flexible and accommodating

Step I: Login Spotify

  • Either Spotify App or can log you into your account. Just follow your preferred or accessible route
  • Login account with your Spotify Email Address and Password
  • You can decide to login with your Facebook account which seems more easier
  • Complete the login to locate a personalized Spotify profile

Step II: Go to Settings and Cancel

  • At this point, go to your Settings and tap
  • Locate Subscription for the sub-options
  • Click on Change or Delete Subscription
  • Follow the remaining guidelines to cancel your premium service.

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Can i Still Login after Cancelling the Premium Account?

Of course you can. The only significant differences are:

  1. Encountering unending ads
  2. Limited access
  3. You can only play musics online
  4. You cannot download music
  5. Cannot create Playlists but can comment on playlists

You see? Premium and Free are virtually same thing. So, don’t feel bad cancelling your account because you can still access music which you are there for.

Hello, go ahead and make inquiries regarding Spotify, your questions will be attended to, immediately.

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