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Learn more about how to close Snapchat account. Most people don’t just only use Snapchat for making captures only, but also use it for chatting, killing boredom, viewing videos, downloading funny videos, and having fun. Some people even found love here.

Inthe process, your problem may be that you met someone that disturbs you or maybe you want to give out our device but don’t want someone to tamper with your account. There are versions of people that want their privacy to remain private as Snapchat is also good at hiding things. So, in this scenario, knowing how to deactivate Snapchat will pop up in your mind.

We want to make you understand that how to close Snapchat account is shown on this page and in this article precisely so that any reader that comes across this content will be duly cleared on how to deactivate Snapchat accounts. So, you can also simply sign up for an account when you wish to get back to Snapchat sign up platform.

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Snapchat Deactivation Page

Snapchat is so much less of other social media apps due to its unique features and rich filters that introduce fantasies to your photos. With Snapchat, you are prone to looking like an idol or perfect creature but what happens when you want to take a big vacation and stay off Snapchat? You log onto Snapchat deactivation page immediately. This article will help you reach that destination.

How to Close Snapchat Account

This is how to finally delete Snapchat account and stop receiving notifications of your contacts that joined Snapchat new or even be able to know your contacts on Snapchat. Here we go!

  1. Go to through your internet browser or go to the deactivation page by visiting directly.
  2. Click on Support when you scroll to the end of the page. This is when you go to
  3. Tap on Account and Information.
  4. Hit on Account Information when the list is under listed.
  5. You can now click on Deactivate Account.

The Snapchat account deactivation is as simple as that. I trust you enjoyed the steps. Feel free to ask questions if you are still confused.

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Snapchat Customer Service – Contact Us

Is your account hacked or you have something else to report? Whatever it may be, Snapchat support service is always at your convenience once you agree to open up. Report any problem when you go to You are also free to email us at [email protected].

If you also need help regarding your account deactivation, the service will help you with that. Above all, ask your questions using the comment box below.

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