How to Close Union Bank Account Online

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Is there any option to close Union bank account online? Can I close my Union bank account from phone? That shouldn’t be a problem after all. We already got you covered based on issues related to your bank account in Union bank and it’s deactivation. You need to study the guide and learn just three steps to take.

Union bank is also a recognized bank in Nigeria, India, and other countries. With massive employees and resources, customers are maintained, treated, and saved from several finance fraudulence. Human being is prone to changes and attracted to greater or best things. You must have gotten a better financial service from another bank that is costing Union bank to lose one of its customers.

It’s true that we can’t afford to see you go or be happy because of your exit but it is inevitable. Actually, customers are currently searching for how to close Union bank account online and to the best of our knowledge, this page is created based on that fact. Therefore, it you are looking for how to close bank account Union bank, follow the instructions here strictly.

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What You Need to Know

Take note of the things that you must do before you deactivate Union bank account online. However, it is clear that there is no option to close the bank account on mobile phone and for you to ever deactivate the account there are things you must have in mind:

  • Have no money in the bank account.
  • Have blocked the credit or debit card associated with the bank account.
  • You should have the branch nearer to you so that you can go to the bank and delete the account.
  • On the other hand, ensure that you are not ready to affiliate with the account again.

When you have checked yourself and discovered that you don’t want to have anything to do with Union bank again, feel free to use the method below.

Close Union Bank Account Online

Feel free to delete your bank account online by calling the customer service. They will help you terminate your account when the termination request is placed by you. Meanwhile, when you request for a deactivation over the phone, it will take the bank 10 days to process, verify, and terminate your account.

More to that, we will advise you to go to a Union bank branch near you to meet the customer service representative and request for the termination. At this point, you will be given Union bank account deactivation form. Fill the form, complete the verification, and leave when you are asked to leave.

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Union Bank Account Deactivation Form

The effect of deleting an account or blocking a Union bank account is that you will not access the account, login the mobile app, use the ATM card, but can still withdraw from the ATM when another bank’s debit card is used, will not receive any alert again in the account because it will become invalid.

In essence, you will be breached from a it’s services. Is that what you want? Your prayer is answered already! Simply move to the branch and request for a termination and you will be attended to immediately. Should in case you meet any difficulty on the way, do not hesitate to hit us up using the comment box below.

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