How to Contact Amazon Credit Card Customer Service

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Contact Amazon with the Amazon credit card customer service to ask them questions about your Amazon Store card, Amazon Prime Store Card, or Amazon Rewards Card. However, there are diverse contacts to consult depending on the exact difficulty you are facing with your credit card.

Amazon credit card is an Amazon-owned credit card that Amazon customers always have handy when purchases take place. It has its features, terms, and conditions but that doesn’t make it the dumbest card. Besides, other cards have their terms and conditions so once you show compliance, everything will move smoothly.

However, Amazon credit card customer service is the contact address you must have when Customer care representatives are in mind. You will not only contact us for your credit card issues but also beckon us when you have a problem with your account. We want to soar higher and soaring higher is the utmost possible with your help.

We won’t know what we are missing but with your help and contributions, we will make out only the best and keep upgrading just to encourage smooth, steady, and trusty earning with the Amazon card. Check out the features of Amazon credit cards below to actually confirm that you obtain these rewards and exact charges just as illustrated below.

Meanwhile, if it turned out that you are getting less or over these charges, this will be time to reach us with the Amazon credit card contact so that we can deliberate on the matter so well. I think we will perform better when you talk to us one-on-one. We hope to hear from you.

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Amazon Credit Card Qualities

Explore these benefits to actually confirm if they are the same as your credit card. If it behaves otherwise, then you will have to contact Amazon customer service with the contacts provided on this page. We also operate on your account problems should in case you encounter technical problems with your Amazon account.

  • Amazon credit card is not loaded in any other account apart from the account. So, if you are managing it elsewhere other than the shown account, then you are probably misusing it.
  • Only customers with Amazon accounts can have, manage or run an Amazon store credit card.
  • Only Amazon prime members can manage Amazon prime store credit cards.
  • We also have the Amazon gift card that anyone can possess as their default credit card.
  • All Amazon credit card has no annual fee.
  • To have any of the credit cards, a valid Social Security Number will be involved.

We can go on and on mentioning all the benefits and features of Amazon credit card but that’s not why we are here. We wish to show you how you can reach us with the Amazon credit card contact so that you will not give up on your credit card. Remember, this is the easiest way of catching up with our promotional offers.

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Amazon Credit Card Customer Service

Amazon is surely offered by Amazon to Amazon customers that requested it. Moreover, Synchrony Bank is responsible for issuing credit cards. So, whenever you encounter problems with any of your Amazon credit cards, contact us through our customer care website or calls.

  • For Calls as regards your credit card, get to us on this mobile hotline – 1-866-634-8379.
  • More to that, there is a tendency of having problems with your account. So, when such uncertainty is encountered, reach us on this same hotline- @ 0330 838 0160.
  • If you are calling outside UK, call us at – +44 113 881 0680.

Customer inquiries and other requests are attended to, through any of these mobile contacts. You can only contact us from Monday to Friday, 9 am – 7 pm. Sundays (10 am – 4 pm).

Tell us your problems so that we will help you to manage your account and the Amazon credit card you are using.

Please, you can still put it down in writing by turning your browser and then connecting our Customer complaints website at

Above all, the simplest method is using the comment box below to tell us the problems you face with your credit card. Write to us, we’d love to hear from you.

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