How to Copy Retweet Link – Copy Link of Retweeted Posts on Twitter

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Knowing how to copy retweet link is simply knowing how to move straight to a tweeted post on Twitter without searching for it. As a Twitter user, knowing how to copy a tweet link or a retweet link will help you in all ramifications, it is part of the fun in Twitter family that you are yet to know.

A “link” is a unique word that drives you into a platform or a page that the link is derived from. Tons of tweets are shared on Twitter every day, sets of tweets you see today will not be present tomorrow. In case you find a post on your friend’s wall and would love to have access to the post or would love others to know about the post, all you have to do is to click on that your friend’s post to find a function button that permits sharing of posts.

When you decide to repost, it will appear on your timeline. To easily and quickly reach out to the tweet anytime you desire, copying the retweet link and pasting it on another page so different from Twitter is what you should do. When you paste the link on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, even Snapchat, it will take you straight to the tweet on Twitter. Isn’t that easy?

Knowing how to copy retweet link on Twitter is the first mission to complete. After that, you are free to copy as many tweet links as you wish, paste or share with your friends. It is also another way of fetching traffic for a website. Sharing website posts on Twitter retweeting, copying retweet links, sharing the link, and deriving traffic through this medium.

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Can I Copy Retweet Link without Login?

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This is a process that takes place online. If you are not logged in to the account where the tweet is located, you won’t find the link. Generally, we are saying that anyone that aspires to know how to copy retweet link, copy twitter post link, or copy tweet link, the person must have access to Twitter. With that being said, see how to sign up for a Twitter account in case you are not yet a user:

  • Use Twitter mobile app. Away from the mobile app, you can register on
  • Find the sign up form by clicking on the Sign Up button located on the first page ( login page).
  • Register the information that you want to be identified with on Twitter. Your email address must be true and still valid.
  • Ensure that your phone number is still available. This is for verification purposes.
  • Nevertheless, produce a password that won’t be easily compromised.
  • After this, verify your account by getting the exact code sent to the phone number you provided to the database, and paste the temporary code for verification.
  • Login again with the username and password that you just provided.
  • Add friends, set your account the way you want, search for people you may know, and start chatting.

Since you have added people, you will start seeing their posts, you are free to retweet a tweet now so that you will follow us in copying a retweet link for the first time.

How Long Can a Retweet Link Stay?

It has no limit. Copy retweet link on Twitter as we have shown on this page, paste it in a safe place and always reach out to the posts when the link is clicked or tapped. The process will only stop when the Twitter account is lost or can’t be accessed.

You can copy a retweet link and also access the link across all devices, including your smartphone, tablet, or PC. It works in all the devices provided that they are internet enabled.

Peradventure you want a Twitter user to find your timeline easily with just a click, you can copy the Twitter profile link and share it with your friend on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform so that the person will easily appear on your timeline when the link is tapped. That is also how Twitter retweet link works.

How to Retweet a Twitter Post/Tweet

First thing first, what is the essence of copying a retweet link without knowing how to retweet first? To bridge the gap and help you tag along, this is how to repost something you find interesting:

  • Open your Twitter base first.
  • On the first page is your post wall. Keep scrolling to the post you want to repost.
  • Before you tap a post that you find interesting, probably to read the comments or share your opinion, find the retweet button.
  • The retweet button is the two bent arrows under a post, see the picture below, the retweet button is marked red
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Retweet button
  • Immediately you tap on it, two options will come up.

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  • Choose to retweet. Agreeing to the second option is simply posting everything the person posted word-to-word without showing that it’s someone’s post.

Congratulations for finally finding out how to retweet and about to learn how to copy retweet link.

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How to Copy Retweet Link on PC | Android | iPhone | Java Phone | Tablet

Make use of a customized way of accessing a post instead. Clicking the link to check a post will save you from wasting time on a search.

  1. Do the first thing which is logging in to your account. Users with logged-in Twitter apps will simply tap on the app.
  2. You can follow us from your PC or your smartphone.
  3. I believe you are already on your Twitter account.
  4. Navigate to your timeline and wait to do the next.
  5. Find the post you want to copy the link from.
  6. Next, tap on the share icon.
  7. Click or tap on “Copy Link”. It will copy the link automatically.
  8. Go to the place where you want to paste this link and long-tap to paste. Save and check the posts from there.

Also, have in mind that the share button can share the post on other social platforms, but that is only when you command it to.

If you love what you learned today, use the share button to share this with your friends on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

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