How to Create New Facebook Account After Deleting the Old One

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You deleted your old Facebook account and now you want to create new Facebook account? This is good, in fact, you can even join Facebook to find out what you missed since you last visited.

Facebook has upgraded so much that you may barely recognize it now. Do you know that Facebook new name is meta? and also do you know that you can now turn on a dark mode for your platform to save your eye. Now, we are going to be taking time to reveal to you the new things that are not existing on Facebook, So yes, we won’t fail to remind you that you can now create a page using mobile phone and also download lyrics to your facebook story.

Moreover, am sure you can’t wait to recreate Facebook account gain, but trust me, this nitty grity are really important. So back to base, to create a new Facebook account or even recreate Facebook account, however you choose to put it is very easy. In fact you don’t need to pay anybody or visit any cyber cafe to register your account. SO, far you have a smartphone, then you are good to go.

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New Facebook Features

I wouldn’t know when you last visited but here are the things you will be finding now on Facebook

  • First, Facebook’s new name is now Meta.
  • Secon is that, you are now free to upload short videos on your Facebook story box, and also post at your timeline as well.
  • Facebook now has all your choice of music so don’t worry about adding music to your short vides.
  • Moreover, post as many times as you want and learn how to download music on Facebook.
  • Facebook now has a dating app and they also manage an Instagram app, so share your files across maybe from Facebook to Instagram etc.
  • Create a new page on Facebook and also advertise your page.
  • Or simply market your services live on Facebook.
  • Moreover, if you wish to celebrate your birthday on Facebook or friendship with a body or company Facebook can help you do that.
  • More so, this platform has become the best news channel for most countries.

We can go on and on revealing to you all you have missed, but that does not matter since you now want to create new facebook account on your phone now.

What You Need to Sign up for Facebook

Here are the things among many others that you need to register a new Facebook account

  • A smartphone that can access network.
  • An internet web browser.
  • Data to surf the internet.

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How to Create New Facebook Account After Deleting the Old One

To create new Facebook account is the same thing as to register for a new Facebook account, there is no easier way for any of them, they both have the same simple steps, so let’s get started:

Step One

Open your browser and log on to or simply click here to go now.

Step two

If you arrive at that website you can proceed to click on create facebook account and not recreate facebook account. If you are using PC,you will see this option at the upper right-hand side of your screen. See sample image below.

Step Three

Once you click on create new account, Enter your first name and then a surname.

Enter a mobile phone number of your choice or simply ignore but enter your email address

Step Four

Its time to create a password, you have to decide now the kind of password you want to use, but mind you,your password should be tough and unapproachable to avoid stories, so follow the system guide to create a unique password and don’t forget to write them out somewhere

Step Five

Continue by entering your date of birth and then choose your gender click on sign u to finalize.

Facebook Registration Verification

After making all entries,the next thing you will be asked to do is to verify your registration. This process has to do with you you confirming to Facebook that you re indeed the person applying to recreate Facebook account and not a robot or by mistake. here is how to verify Facebook account:

Once you click on sign up during your account registration, Facebook will ask that you choose the medium through which they will send you an account verification code

You can choose to recive code through email address provided by you or via your mobile phone number.

Proceed to get the code and the verify your registration, after that your account will be opened.

Don’ts of Facebook

Facebook does not publish your mobile phone number on your profile,so you are the one to do that.

  • Also, You can decide how to use your account.
  • Choose who will see your profile against who will not.
  • Also choose the people that can view your profile, post status etc,
  • Facebook does not decide all that for you, so be the boss of your own platform.

Last las, you can bock anyone you want if they disturb you and also deactivate your Facebook account and stay put for a while.

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Facebook Login

Once you recreate Facebook account, it’s important you try logging in to see if you can enter your password correctly so go to:

  • and then enter your Facebook username and password,
  • Click or tap on login to open your account.

Facebook App Download

For easy access to your new Facebook account it’s necessary that you download both Facebook messenger and the Facebook app, both are not the same. If you don’t have Facebook messenger then you may likey not see the messages your friends sends to you, also the Facebook lite app or Facebook app represents your entire account, a for your easy login download Facebook app now.

SO that is that on how to recreate Facebook account, go now and do what you want.

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