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Just like you can freely upload or post pictures on Instagram, you can delete Instagram photos with ease and by pressing few buttons. When you find yourself in an odd situation like posting the wrong picture, these are steps to take to erase them.

Most of us have Instagram account not just to upload photos or login like we usually do on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp but just because we love to stay updated on matters concerning celebrities and some other Nnews right from the Primary source. Instagram makes it easier for us to know what’s happening in the World of respective celebrities especially our favorite celebrities. You know that Instagram is much more like a gallery because users speak with their photos

However, it stated feature for you to follow friends and friends follow you back. Your followers are entitled to viewing your posts and getting your updates. Those of us that created Instagram Business account agreed to be upload only Business related stuffs. Now, it might be that you mistakenly upload what suppose not be in that account because no one is above mistakes. What else runs to your mind? To delete it.

But you can never get it all done when there is no clue on How to Delete Instagram Photos. Don’t worry, we ghat you. All you have to do is to follow these instructions down to the least. With the tutorial, you will definitely be able to eradicate or erase any photo that isn’t among, irritates or embarrasses. But there are some other things to do to your Instagram Photos.

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Features of Instagram & Its Photos

  • Your photo appears to your follower’s homepage on the day you uploaded it and stay throughout the 24 hrs.
  • Afterwards, it remains intact on your profile
  • You can share Instagram photos directly to your Whatsapp account because there is a feature for that
  • Archive your Instagram photos and deprive the public/friends from viewing it
  • You can equally share the Photo Link to your Whatsapp account so that your friends can tap, view and comment
  • On that same page, from same options, ability to halt commenting is equally available.
  • Instagram Photos can be deleted and uploaded once again if you still have it in your gallery

So, there are several things to do with your Instagram photos. Even while uploading the photo, you can add filters or upload more than two photos at same time. In that case, How can i Delete my Instagram Photos? Take a look at the answer we provided for you.

How to Delete Instagram Photos

You have to delete your photo directly from your profile or Timeline, anyone that is preferable. All you have to do is to get into your account, whether from a desktop, laptop, Android, or iPhone

  1. Go to your Profile by clicking on the Human Icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. To locate it, go to the right end of the bottom page and tap
  3. Your profile opens along with posts made so far
  4. Your “Saved”, “Nametag” etc can be located from there but we are not here for that now
  5. So, go to each of the picture or the victimized picture that needs to be deleted
  6. Tap on the picture and permit it to be viewable
  7. When it has finally appeared, Navigate to the three dots at the top right of the image.
  8. The nature of the three dots depends on the version of the mobile you are using. iPhone dots appears horizontal while Androids’ appears vertical
  9. Once the dots icon is tapped, options will drop down
  10. Go to the Delete button and confirm it.

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How to Share Instagram Photos to Whatsapp

As at the time you clicked on the three dots located at the top of the image, options dropped down.

  • When you slowly go through these options, you will discover “Share to Whatsapp”
  • Tap on the Share to Whatsapp.
  • The Whatsapp account synced to that device will appear.
  • Choose to either share the photo to your Status or a Friend’s Inbox

So, an Instagram photo has easily shared for your friends on Whatsapp to explore and share comments.

Steps to Upload Photos on Instagram

Like we said earlier, just like you easily and quickly delete a photo on Instagram, same easy routine is applicable to its deletion. Go to the + sign in a box at the bottom of your screen. Select the preferred image, or video from your gallery.

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