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Do you have more than one Twitter account? This is how to delete Twitter account when you have more than one account or wish to get rid of the one you are currently using. With or without login, your Twitter account will be gotten rid of.

Twitter is not a petty social media app but a very popular one. There are tons of members and followers from different countries and tribes that are ready to follow your posts. On Twitter, several people also get their classes on different things such as cooking, Crypto, marketing, affiliate marketing, and so on. Most people also earn by tweeting.

So, getting rid of the account is not an idea bought by everybody but should in case you bought that idea and also in to deactivate any of the accounts or both or multiple, you are guided, as this page all ready to walk you through how to delete Twitter account using your mobile phone or other devices that are internet enabled.

Meanwhile, before you embark on this wonderful but clumsy journey, it will interest you to know that whoever deletes Twitter is just as the verge of missing out all the real people and real community available in the app. Deleting means staying out because no access and definitely none of your friends will search and find you again.

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Effects of Deleting Twitter Account

When you get rid of Twitter account, it will cost you or lets say, it will result a lot of things. First of all, on Twitter, celebrities are easily communicated with unlike Facebook full of pull bags ( scam ). It doesn’t mean that Twitter isn’t flooded with fraudulence but not as much as Facebook.

So, when you finally delete Twitter account;

  1. You can’t chat or move into conversation with any of your friends.
  2. More to that, none of the users will find you.
  3. Your last tweets and comments will exist but your account won’t exist again.
  4. In addition to that, all files, mentions, chats, and memories will vanish into thin air.
  5. Note that your followers will of course, no longer be there.

Meanwhile, we know how hard it is to find followers on Twitter but if you think that the deactivation is something you ought to do, then we don’t mind helping you cross this path on how to delete Twitter account.

How to Delete Twitter Account

To delete the account when logged in is very simple but also note that you can delete the account without login and that goes well with old accounts that their details are lost.

  • Login now and navigate to the left top side to click on the three horizontal lines ( Navigation menu icon ).
  • The navigation panel will disclose on your page, choose Settings an Privacy from the options.
  • Tap on Account and then choose to deactivate your account.
  • Read the terms and conditions.
  • Agree by hitting on the Deactivate button.
  • Verify the deactivation by entering your password and after that, hit on Deactivate again.

That is exactly how to deactivate Twitter account online using the mobile app.

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Deactivate Twitter Account without Login

If there is an old account or multiple accounts to delete, simply indicate your interest in deleting them by reporting them as fraud to Twitter customer service. When you report them as fake accounts with fraudulence all around it, Twitter won’t hesitate to get rid of it immediately.

That is just how to delete a Twitter account that you can’t access the platform again. If you have tried this and still got no result, simply indicate in the comment box below.

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