How to Disable Auto Download Media on Whatsapp

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Imagine seeing pictures you didn’t approve on your phone, you don’t like it right? You should just learn how to disable auto download media on Whatsapp so that you wont find your phone saturated with unnecessary pictures from WhatsApp groups and friends online. The information is already made crystal clear here so that you won’t panic anytime you receive loads of media or high storage media on Whatsapp.

It can be so data consuming when you receive loads of media on Whatsapp from someone or most of your friends. Another annoying part is when these high storage or low storage media but plenty comes up with the loading signal. It also freaks out because it is capable of consuming all your data in a twinkle of an eye. As nature may have it, we are up here with you to share a guide that will assist you as long as you use the app.

Meanwhile, Whatsapp auto downloads media on its own. That is, at default, Whatsapp downloads photo, audio, video, or voice notes. It is data consuming and also freaky. This guide will show you how to choose ones that will download automatically and how to stop all of them from downloading at default. At this point in time, it will interest you to know that as a reader, you ought to have the Whatsapp app and an active logged in account before we proceed.

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Whatsapp Review

There are few things you don’t know about Whatsapp that we intend to share with you so that you will live with the information and also the intending ones.

  • Whatsapp is owned by Facebook now.
  • Just like there is a Whatsapp app, there is a Whatsapp app for Business called Whatsapp Busoness. It is a  perfect place for marketing and e-commerce is made easy.
  • Also, most users use Whatsapp to engage in certain tutorials.
  • Do you know that users generate revenue from this app? All these Whatsapp TVs and individuals with hundreds to thousands of contacts, market goods on their status and also do a whole lot of thing to earn from this second giant social networking app.
  • Best for quality international and local voice/calls. Data Only, no extra charges.
  • Interestingly, share songs and keep yourself updated on things happening in other apps.
  • More so, catch up with trending news on Whatsapp.
  • On the other hand, Whatsapp emerged a feature that will help you read chats in an incognito mode, without it showing your friend that it is read.
  • Same way, statuses are viewed without traces. Ask me how?, if you don’t know how its done.

We are back from our little drive on what Whatsapp new, old, and additional features. It is time to find out how to disable auto download media on Whatsapp.

Download Whatsapp for Desktop, PC, or Computer

Hope you know that there is a desktop version of Whatsapp?. It requires connecting your main Whatsapp account to the laptop. It is called the Whatsapp web. Scanning the QR code on your Whatsapp PC with the open camera box on your mobile phone when logged onto the app.

Get this app from Opera Mini for Pc. It is located at the desktop side bar. Open it to connect as a web account and then, enjoy same features as shown on your mobile phone. Hope you are ready?. Download the new Opera mini windows browser to get this benefit.

How to Disable Auto Download Media on Whatsapp

In order to use less data for calls or downloading Whatsapp media, this is the settings you must change to your preference of less data so that anytime a media or medias are sent to you, they won’t download until you indicate or allow it.

  • Login your Whatsapp.
  • On the first page, which is the conversation page, I believe that you are seeing list of contacts you have been chatting all these while, ignore them and place your sight at the top right side of the home screen.
  • Tap on that three perpendicular dots.
  • From the listed options, tap on Settings which is the last in line.

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  • On this new page, tap Storage and Data.
  • From the green button written “Media Auto Download”, you now have the right to correct the auto download to your preference.
  • Choose the media that will download “When Using Mobile Data”, “When Connected on Wi-Fi” and “When Roaming”.
  • You either choose the one that will download in the condition of the above mentioned or you simply deactivate all of them to keep them stopped until you manually download.

So, secure your data by using the steps to stop Whatsapp auto download. Feel free to ask questions in the comment box below.

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