How to do Visa Passport Renewal

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The first thing to do is to find out if you are eligible to renew your passport. Some do ask, can i renew my passport at passport agency or mail-in my details online and have it done for me? These and more are the things to learn here, therefore learn this guide prepared for you on passport application guideline.

The U.S passport renewal is one of the easiest thing to do. It demands taking a procedure and after that, your passport is handed to you. Meanwhile if you are not sure you are eligible to apply for a renewal of U.S passport, you can find out here.

However, you can travel to U.S embassy to meet with the consulate so as to start your renewal, but if you are in Canada, you can simply do your renewal from your base.

Can I Renew my US Passport Via Mail?

You can renew your us passport by mail if:

  • You are still in possession of the passport
  • When you it was issued to your at age 16 or older.
  • The passport is still in good state without been worn out or torn.

Its still bears your current name.

If it faulters in any of these, you can visit the immigration consulate in the embassy to apply in person.

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How to do Visa Passport Renewal

Trust me when I say that renewing a passport is very easy. Here are the things to note while renewing passport.

  • You are to apply in person using form DS-11 if
  • it’s your first time to apply
  • you are under age 16
  • or your previous passport was issued to you when you were less than age 17
  • Your previous passport got missing or stolen
  • It was issued about 15 years ago.

Very informative, so you now see that, it is very easy to renew your passport, so go now to any embassy close to you to get a renewal form and start your application instantly.


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