How to Download Facebook Story on Mobile

How to Download Facebook Story on Mobile image

Have you seen yourself on a FB story and still don’t know how to download Facebook story on mobile? It can be very annoying and painful as well when you view a story and got interested in the content, picture, video or sound of it but yet cannot have it all to yourself. You will see how to perform the magic here.

Go through this help on how to download Facebook story on mobile for steady Facebookers that often come across interesting Facebook stories but still cannot download them to their galleries. Faceboook didn’t embed a feature that will help you to save or download any Facebook story into your gallery. That it wasn’t created doesn’t mean that there is no solution to that.

This content will simply, genuinely, and generously help you download Facebook story on mobile so that you will be able to grab any Facebook story you come across while exploring your page. However, it demands getting another browser extension ( for PC users ) or getting an external application that will support you to get your preferred Facebook story.

Without much ado, let us move into the business of knowing how to save Facebook stories with your mobile phone or laptop. Whichever of them you intend to use, there is still a solution for that. So, ensure that you follow this tutorial back to back so as to have any of your favorite contents on someone’s Facebook story or stories.

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What is a Facebook Story?

Facebook story is a feature in Facebook that is seen at the top space of every user’s page. That s just a small place that your Facebook friends share limited posts that will last for just 24 hours only. You can share yourself as well. In short, “Add Story” is the first thing you will see at the top of your page and that blink is referring to you.

It is naturally attracting you into your gallery so that you will share contents that you would love others to see and save as well if possible. So, anytime you go through Facebook stories and come in contact one of your favorite celebrities stories and wish to have the picture or shared video, all you have to initiate is just the procedure shown here which is clearly illustrating how to download Facebook story on mobile.

How to Download Facebook Story on Mobile

You cannot download a Facebook story automatically without having this sweet and professional app already disclosed on this page. However, downloading these videos and images still demand your data. In case you intend to download them without data, it is not possible please.

First thing first, rush to your phone application store or Google play store to download Facebook story on your mobile phone. How? Open the application store and download Friendly for Facebook. Do you know that app? That is what i use as well. This app is very secured and recognizes privacy very much more than other application software you might have tried initially.

When you get the app, install it and allow it to access your phone tools by just tapping on “Allow”. Permission granted. The next is just to login your Facebook account so that your stories will be located and imported into Friendly for Facebook for download or save up.

Step-By-Step Procedures to Download Facebook Stories

I believe you have already confirmed Facebook story downloader app already uncovered for you on this page. You downloaded it with us right?

  1. Launch the app since you have logged in with your phone number and password / email address and password.
  2. Facebook stories present on your Facebook app will automatically appear in the app provided that your data is on.
  3. Long tap the photo or video you want to download so that you will start the download.
  4. Hit on the Download button.
  5. It will automatically move into your phone memory or gallery after the download is completed.
  6. Same way, download all videos and photos you intend to have.

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What of a user without his or her mobile phone but still wants to download a Facebook Story, what should the person do?

How to Download Facebook Story without Mobile Phone

Anyone that doesn’t have a mobile phone yet demands for a Facebook story download must have at least a PC or another internet enabled device that will enable them move into their Facebook account for download. Meanwhile, download an image on Facebook story using laptop is extremely easy since it can be performed without an extension or an external app.

Just open your Facebook account >> Go to the Facebook story you want to get the image from >> Once the image appear, go to the two dots at the top right side of the post >> Click on it >> Choose to save story >> It will automatically save after you have indicated.

So, what do you think? Simple right? Above all, if your problem is downloading the video on a Facebook story, let us know on the comment box below so that we will help you sort it out.

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