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Okay look at this. So many people have been looking for how to download photos from Gmail due to several reasons. You wouldn’t love to have a file sent to your Gmail account yet you cannot open it. What’s the essence?.

Gmail controls a lot of activities for it’s users and ability to send and receive files and multimedia is also another opportunity. You can link someone to a website by just pasting it on the email body and send to your receiver so that your receiver will simply tap on the link to be directed to the website or platform shared there.

Also, photos are also part of the information shared on Gmail. You can send someone bunch of pictures and the person can also send back to you. The problem and whole focus is, do you now how to download photos from Gmail to your phone or computer? If you are not experienced on that or not an expertise on that field, this page will develop your mind and the skills to engage in the download.

More so, download Gmail photos directly into your phone’s storage so that you can easily go to your phone and consult it. Most of all, it will interest you to know that all files sent to you through remains in the platform until you deliberately delete them yourself. This implies that all the photos, texts, documents, audio, and sent items received from Gmail are encrypted.

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Gmail Photos Download on Mobile

Starting with your mobile phone, Gmail app is present in all your mobile phones. Gmail app is a product designed, managed, facilitated, and rendered to Gmail users by Google company. So, it enables quick account login and uninterrupted accessibility of account.

At this point, users login their account from the app and that has been bringing unstoppable access. So, you can complete the Gmail photos download with your mobile phones

  • Visit your Gmail app from your phone’s app drawer.
  • A tap will login you into the platform automatically.
  • If the photo is in an email current sent, try to locate the email from the homepage or it’s category.
  • It’s category can be Promotions, Updates, or Social.
  • When you find the folder it is in, tap and locate the email from there.

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  • Open it and scroll to the image file. Whether it was sent as an inline image or attachment, just tap on the image so that it will start downloading.
  • After the few seconds of initiating a download, it will open now.
  • You can now save it to your phone storage from there.

How did you see this idea? It was interesting and detailed enough for you right? Meanwhile, let us go back and recollect ideas on how computer users will also save themselves from the embarrassment of not knowing how to download Gmail Photos.

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How to Download Photos from Gmail

Had it been that you have been receiving files from your Gmail from conception, you must have learnt it and also find it easy to exhibit.

  • Just simply log onto
  • If you are logging in for the first time or have cleared your browser after the last time you logged in, it will demand you to login.
  • In addition to that, you just have to login with your user ID and password or phone number and password.
  • Click on Login.
  • On the contrary, others that have logged in for the first time and ones that asked the page to keep them signed in will enjoy a quick sign in.
  • When you login, locate and tap on the file this message is located.
  • Open the mail and tap on the photo sent.
  • It will start processing a download. After that, the image will open on your screen.

As easy as that! I hope you enjoyed it. I enjoyed the guide as well. However, same guide is executed when you intend to download other files from Gmail. Follow same routine. All that matters is that you located the file.

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