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You have maximum 90 days to apply for a Qatar visa if you are travelling to Qatar soon, meanwhile Qatar Visa Application form PDF is here or apply for a visa at your embassy. All the entry requirements, including passport analysis, Qatar visa application fee are what you will be finding out on this page.

Qatar is one of richest oil producing country in Africa and with a smallest population of 2.9 million in 2017. Qatar is one of richest oil producing country in the world, with a smallest population of 2.9 million in 2017. The country is situated in Western Asia and has a common boundary with Bahrain. Inside Qatar the major trade is old plus luxury jewelry production and oil perfume manufacturing, that is what currently the un Classified the country as highest income economy.

So now, you want to travel to Qatar, the first thing to do is Qatar visa application form pdf download, then read up the requirements and know the application fee, don’t worry we are going to help you do all that. But first, know that, there are entry requirements into Qatar, so you must know if your country is eligible to apply.


  1. To successfully apply for a Qatar visa, you must have a valid international passport with validity of minimum 6 weeks elapse date.
  2. Apply via the approved website which is at
  3. Applicants must be free of any illegal crime.
  4. Individuals who have got a criminal record are not allowed to apply.
  5. Make sure your international passport proofs all entry requirements.
  6. Anyone recognized resident of QATAR can help you apply for a visa.
  7. If you were denied of visa, you can reapply again.
  8. Spouse who their partner are citizen of Qatar can apply for a visa under duration categories.
  9. Download Qatar visa application requirement form online and read all the requirements.

Note: There are different kinds of visas, find out the one that appeals to your need and apply with immediately. If you don’t know the kind of visa or the differ kids of visa to apply with, refer to our article on types of visa. After that, come back to proceed with yoru qatar visa application form pdf download.

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Who Can Apply for Qatar Visa

  1. Students who will like to further their studies
  2. Alien or first timers.
  3. Business investors
  4. Applicants who needed a health expertise
  5. Someone who is coming to find a job In Qatar

Apply if you want to migrate permanently to Qatar.

African Countries That Are Eligible to Apply

Cape Verde
Ivory Coast and others.
Search for your eligibility before booking your ticket and applying, mind you, if you are not eligible to apply and you have booked a ticket, you will not be refunded.

Documents Required

Here are the documents needed for a visa application in Qatar, mind you also, this is not Qatar visa application form:

  • International passport with 6 week validity date expiry.
  • 2 passport sized photograph
  • Filled copy of your visa application form
  • Booking ticket and application payment receipt
  • Health certificate
  • Recent bank statements of account, (printed copy)
  • Confirmed copy of your hotel reservation.
  • Admission letter, if you are applying based on scholarship.
  • Guarantors passport photograph if you are applying with aid.
  • Other important documents needed will be communicated to you at the embassy.

Qatar Visa Application Form PDF

Visit the Qatar visa application website to start your application right way, download the Qatar visa application form at More so, the application requirements and all that you need know is right on that same portal.

However, if you want us to help you with your application, you use the comments box below to make a request immediately.

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