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How to Download YouTube Videos – Joyfully enjoying your time on YouTube, wow, you have seen a new catch to download, now download it…. You can’t? That’s not a problem at all. Check out the sweet steps to take to have your favorite videos on your download list.

YouTube is a smart television owned by Google. A free platform to be entertained and entertain. Do you know that you are entitled to an account anytime you wish to have access like every other person? Meanwhile, the account is free and takes no time. From having an account, you can have a YouTube channel that is created based on your favorite niche. YouTube has so many channels including the ones owned by celebrities.

In that case, YouTube will be your prince in shining armour by helping you keep closer contact and having much information about your favorite celebrities, boy bands, girl bands, K-pop idols, movie series, and highlights. I don’t think there is a platform that has the number of videos available on YouTube. You are free to subscribe to any channel while others can subscribe to yours if they are interested ( that is if you created any channel ).

But you know that it is not mandatory to have a channel on YouTube. You can just sign in the platform to collect ideas or keep yourself busy with all the visual information you may need. Interestingly, t is a smart television accessible with a smartphone, computer, tablet, or any smart device.

Since there is so much content on YouTube, you may be surfing the platform and suddenly find a video that you would love to have to yourself so that you can easily watch it offline later. What do you do? That is when you bring out the master of download in you, but what happens if you can’t download? This is where you need me to show you how to download YouTube videos.

Basic Features of YouTube

So many basic functions for a platform, wow… These tools are fixed here to skyrocket your tourism experience on YouTube to be greater than 100%. It is an assurance to find tons of videos here but to serve yourself better, you will be needing.

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  • The Search Box: Located at the top of the YouTube homepage. When you have a particular video in mind, the search box will help you communicate to the search engine faster for a quick result. Just enter the name of the video or anything related to the video and boom!! YouTube will be at your service.

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  • Download Button: Being the main reason you are here today, you will find out the location: found on videos that are allowed to be downloaded. Yes, some videos have no Download button.
  • Comment button: When there is anything to say about a video, it is done in the comment section by viewers or subscribers.
  • The thumbs: You have the thumb up and thumb down icons located below every video found on YouTube. Use the icons when you want to share your emotions with signs. Like it? Thumbs up, don’t like it? Thumbs down.

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  • Bell icon: It is the notification button that signals you to check new content dropped by your subscribed channels whenever they drop new videos.

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  • The Save button: On YouTube, you can save to watch later but will still need your WiFi at a later time, which is why it is better to download them instead some videos are inevitable ( those with no download button ), just tap on the Save button to watch later with your data.

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  • The ( + ) button: Found at the bottom center, you click this button when you need to go live, create short YouTube videos, or upload a video.
  • Use the Subscriptions button to find channels you have subscribed to, review their content, and probably share your opinion.
  • You can also find the Settings button when you click on your Gmail name or profile at the top left side of the YouTube homepage.

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  • Profile Icon: Find your profile page when you click on your profile name at the top left side of the page. From the options displayed on this page, you will be able to go to YouTube Premium, listen to audio files via YouTube Music, go to YouTube Studio, track the amount of data spent on YouTube, manage your channel if you created any, turn on the incognito for privacy, add another YouTube account or Gmail account.

Since you have gotten an overview of what the YouTube platform looks like, get yourself ready to download YouTube videos

How to Download YouTube Videos

Do you want to add this video to your watchlist? This is the procedure to undergo to have this cute video:

  • You are already logged into YouTube and have found the video you wish to download.
  • Click on the video as if you want to watch it.

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  • Below the display, are many buttons you will already know of, click on the Download button.
  • It will start counting.
  • Once the video is done adding to your download file, it will show “✓ Downloaded“.

2nd Method:

  • You can just log in to YouTube.
  • Search for the name of the highlight or video you care to have.
  • Start going through the results, when you find what you are looking for, do not click on the video to open or watch.

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  • Just from the display page, go to the video and click on the three dots at the extreme left side of it.
  • Options will drop down, find the Download button and click.

YouTube Videos Download Not Working

Some are still facing download errors, yes, it can happen. There are videos on YouTube that you will click to watch now, find them interesting, but end up finding no Download button, it is possible.

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Just like I said above, those are the ones to save for later watch. It can’t be helped.

Warning: YouTube download doesn’t go directly into your device but remains on YouTube. If you care to have any of the YouTube videos on your device, download any YouTube video downloader app, there are many of them on the internet now, or download Vidmate app, Vidmate links you directly to YouTube, best for downloading YouTube content.

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How to Find my Downloads

You are done downloading, well done.. Now, how do you locate them?

  • With your mobile phone, locate Library at the bottom left side of your screen.
  • Next is to tap on it.

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  • You will find Downloads with the number of videos you have downloaded already.
  • Tap on the Download button.
  • All the videos will drop down.

Users can watch videos and download them from YouTube using their computers and tablets, you can connect to the TV if you are interested. In other words, a mobile phone is not the only device that can access YouTube in as much as the procedures in this article was done with mobile phone only. You will see the same functions when you access it with a computer but there will be changes in their locations.

If you still find it hard to handle YouTube or download YouTube videos using any of your devices, let me know in the comment box below.

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