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Does the whole process seem so clumsy? How to fund Opay wallet is explained in this article to help users and customers to easily render transactions pertaining to Opay successfully from their mobile phone. Meanwhile, if you can’t complete it with the phone, there is an alternative.

Opay is a Nigerian e-payment app that supports and disburses cashbacks. Lots of discounts to enjoy while using the app to render payments. Users save funds from their funds while using the app for transfers, buying airtime, subscribing accounts, and cable TVs. The deal still remains that before a payment will be rendered from the app that your wallet will be loaded with funds.

That said, Opay doesn’t withdraw directly from your bank account but from the Opay wallet. Therefore, load your Opay wallet from your bank account to enjoy all the cash back and daily cash bonuses that emerges from Opay transactions. Do you know how to fund Opay wallet? That is what we are here to tutor you on. Take your time to discover all the processes.

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Other Functions of Opay

There are thousands of features embedded to Opay that you might love to know.

  1. One of the doubtless part is that it offers cash back for all transactions but amount of discount differ according to your transaction.
  2. Shop online and pay from your Opay wallet to save from there.
  3. Recharge your phone and earn.
  4. Pay bills and earn.
  5. Save up with Opay app for another bill payment.
  6. Every first login of the day comes with special offer.
  7. You can also check your airtime balances with this app.

Allow all these benefits to be yours when you download Opay app for free now from your Google play store and sign up an account to earn your welcome bonus at a speed of light. As a matter of fact, quickly learn the basic which is how to fund Opay wallet.

How to Fund Opay Wallet

I trust you manage your Opay wallet from your mobile phone because the app is already installed and account created. That is really a great one, but there are two different ways to fund Opay wallet and we will take it one after the other.

ATM/Debit Card

When you log onto Opay account and indicate that you want to top-up the wallet, that is, when you tap on “Add Money”. Enter the amount. Choose Debit card as your option for topping up. Enter your card details as prompted and verify the entry with OTP sent to the phone number registered to your bank account.

The fund will reflect in your Opay wallet immediately the verification is approved and your bank account is sufficient for the fund you chose. Aside from the Card, your account number can go well, but how?

Bank Account

This is just another route of topping up your Opay. On the same page you saw Debit Card, swipe left to see Bank account but that must be after you have chosen the amount to top in your wallet. Provide the details like your number, BVN, date of birth, account number, bank, and the rest.

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Top Up Opay Wallet from Bank App

By the way, do you have any idea on how to fund Opay wallet from your bank app? This is designed for few banks. Not all the banks are eligible.

  1. Open the bank app.
  2. Select the Transfer funds from the options.
  3. Choose to Transfer to other Banks.
  4. Select Paycom.
  5. Insert the Opay account which is the phone number registered to the Opay but omitted the first zero. It will only be ten numbers, so the first zero must be removed.
  6. Insert the amount and approve the payment.

Another effective routine is meeting any merchant or Opay agent nearby to allow them help you with the funding. Tell then the amount and let it be funded. That’s all for today. The comment box below is available for questions. Be the first to drop comments.

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