How to Get Bank Statement for Visa Application

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The first thing to know as an applicant is to discover how to get bank statement for visa application. Not being able to get a bank statement is a bit of an inconvenience for all applicants because the embassy needs to get proof of your financial status.

Bank statement is a basic requirement for visa application. For an applicant not to be able to get bank statement for a visa application is an inconvenience because embassy of the country on your country needs to know the financial strength of all its immigrant. One thing of having this bank statement is that no matter the country you are applying for Its visa, bank statement must be inclusive.

Some country will specify the month range that will be shown in the bank statement while others would just want you to present only recent months in the bank statement. Alongside your bank statement are other documents like your national Identity card, passport, old visa if you had one, and so on. If you don’t have a bank account, there is an alternative.

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How to Get Bank Statement for Visa Application

Visa is a legal and conditional authorization offered to interested immigrants by the immigrant polity of the country being applied to. For anyone to apply for Visa, there are prerequisites laid out to be cover by the aspirant. One of them is your bank statement. To prove to the country that you can contribute to their economy and live daily without financial support, bank statement is needed.

How to Get Bank Statement for Visa Application image

  • That is why you should go to your bank now.
  • Get to the customer service desk and make your intention known to them.
  • Let them know you are here to get a copy or copies of bank statement.
  • The process to follow depends on your bank. Some will need your signature while others will demand an approval letter with signature from you.
  • After that, the month range you provided will be placed on a paper.

Just like that, you can get bank statement for your visa application just like that.

However, some banks send bank statement monthly to their customers via email. If you receive such newsletter from your bank monthly, I wish to let you know that it won’t be useful since it doesn’t describe more than a month details. Visa needs at least detailed transactions within the last 6 months.

Alternative for your Bank Statement

If you don’t have an account in any bank but really in need of applying for a travel visa, here are other few documents that have the right to replace the bank statement.

  • Proof of Business

You need a certificate of employment to show that money enters your pocket regularly if not every month. It means that you receive money don’t save it in bank but in other financial platforms and mobile wallets like Opay, Piggyvest, or have investments. With that, you are qualified for the travel. As an employee, provide employment certificate and income tax return while employers or business owners will submit copy of proof of the business registration from SEC/DTI, income tax return, and business permit / mayor’s permit.

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  • Find a substitute bank account

Get a sponsor and make sure that your sponsor has a bank account so that you can use the bank statement in place of yours. On the other hand, this action can take place after you have gotten guarantee letter known as the Affidavit of support because you will be submitting your sponsor’s bank statement instead of yours.

Other proof of financial capacity like a business certificate of your support can serve as replacement if the same sponsor has no strong affinity towards bank. NB: Proof of your relationship with the sponsor will be needed as well. If is your partner, get a marriage certificate or birth certificate for parents and other relatives. An added advantage is pictures. Submit pictures to prove while your sponsor is worthy of consideration.

  • Proof of Property Ownership

Do you own stocks anywhere? It is also an alternative to bank statement. This proves that without bank account you still handle money and can fund yourself, improve the economy of the country once you are accepted. Bring these, if you have them:

  1. Car registration
  2. Condominium Unit titles
  3. Stocks investment
  4. Proof of land ownership

With these alone, you have proved that you are good at investing money and capitalizing savings.

If you are still finding it hard to prove your financial strength during visa application based on providing bank statement and others, use the comment box below to let us know.

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